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Thanks a Million

by Jenny , 07/06/2009

Just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL. The doctor and the staff were great. I was hard for me to carry Max my cat for 13 years at 3:00am last Thursday after he was attacked by stray dog. He was breathing hard and I did not think he will make it but he did. He had to spend 1 day with dr hassan and he is doing very well now. I hope I never had to go through this again but it was great to find this place. Thanks from MAX and Jennifer

They Really Care about the dogs

by Openheart Rescue , 02/16/2010

I volunteer for a local rescue group and we have had to yell Help more than once from this hospital. Everything is clean. Everyone is nice and caring too. The prices were reasonable. Can't say enough good things. They are there when the other vets have gone home. The west side of Orlando finally has their own emergency hospital. Nice thing is they have great hours~~~ 24 of them. Keep up the great work. We are really glad you are here.


by MASTIFF_MAMA , 06/28/2011

Dr. Hassan and his staff are amazing. They have always taken amazing care of my animals and always taken care of my wallet as well.


by July , 07/19/2011

My cat had diarrhea, so of course he needed medical attention so I took him to the nearest open ER Vet, Emergency Pet Hospital of Orlando.It was my first time here. It's true what everyone says about the smell, the building stinks. What another commentor said about the receptionist being indifferent and unattentive is true as well (she has glasses). They also had their personal animals straying in and out of the rooms. When the doctor saw my cat, all he seemed to only be excited about was the breed and how he wished my cat wasn't neutered so he could have bred it with his cat to have purebred kittens. I was literally appalled! he didn't say much at all about the diarrhea. It was unprofessional.He prescribed orbax, and gave 3 injections. The bill came out to $281. It's been two weeks and I noticed the stool of my cat has reverted back to being pasty, and I know will end up as diarrhea again.I refuse to ever take my cat back here again, their professionalism and service are poor

Do NOT Recommend

by Desnoel , 07/25/2011

Only if I ever HAVE to go there again would I. They are overpriced, the doctor was rude, & when my small dog that was sick was barking he threatened her, nothing was accomplished, he pushed for tests that weren't needed. Such a bad experience.


by BEWARE!!!!Please , 01/30/2012

Please avoid this place at all costs.We took our cat here because he needed immediate care, it was about midnight.The first thing we noticed was the stench in this place. It was HORRIBLE.We were asked to bring my cat into the office, the girl open the cage and grabbed and pulled my cats by his front paws to get him out the cage.I was so upset, my usual vet would have NEVER handled him like that.The girl told me it was fine. ( I was later told by my Vet, you should NEVER handle a cat like that.). She told his temp, she inserted a thermometer, never washed it before or after use,how DIGUSTING!! I felt so bad for my baby.She leaves and the doctor comes in does a quick exam.She returns with a bill for $600, how did she know what the bill/exams were going to be? She was not in the room when he did exam.My husband got so upset and took our cat to the car. Hassan said my cat would DIE by morning if I didn't do what he said. It has been over 1 yr and my cat is still and well.HORRIBLE Liars!

Not so good

by Hmm.. , 08/09/2012

Horrable!!!! We went to this place for an emergeny( blood everywhere) they turned their backs. $90 dollars that we just didnt have. Shame, they couldnt even give us a cup of water for our pup.


by NIGHTMARE VET , 11/06/2012

this place is a nightmare. its not about money because i would have paid anything for my pet.its dirty, the employees are rude and i question if the pets are truly in good care. someone needs to put notice on this place so someone can see how many rules they truly break and if our pets are in danger.

Great Hospital.. Caring Staff

by SQL Rob , 11/13/2012

My wife and I have used Dr Hassan multiple times. He saved our Cat Leo.He took care of our other two after they got illnesses after visiting the S.PC.A.I never seen any issues of cleanliness. He cares about the animals and make sure your pets are taken care of. I recommend and praise Dr Hassan and his staff for the work they do. He is our animals primary vet now and we feel very safe to bring them there.Thank you Dr Hassan!BTW Ruby... Is doing great! She is energetic and running the other animals all over the house. LOVE IT!

My Poor Oliver

by EDDIE A College Park , FL , 11/27/2012

On a saturday evening i went to this Vet Hospital with my dog walking on his own and discussed that my dog earlier in the day had a balance issue. the Vet did bloodwork and wanted to keep him overnight and run a IV with fluids overnight and $772 later on Sunday night my wife had to literally pick Oliver up in a kennel full of urine and hand carry him out to the car. My dog never walked again and had major issues and Dr. Hassan never called to see how the dog was or met my wife on pickup on Sunday evening. I went to another bwell known Vet Hospital in Orlando and they presribed medication for a neurological injury and said he was not treated properly and has lack of respect for Dr. Hassan and the staff there and heard no good vibes about this torture place. I am repoting this hospital to the Better Business Bureau and to the State of Florida for the cleanliness and betrayal to the patients ( Dogs and Cats ) I still to this day never gota itemized bill for the $772 and plus i m consulting my attorney for legal action. PLEASE DON' T BRING YOUR ANIMAL HERE IF YOU LOVE THEM.