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Stole my credit card number to pay another person bill

by GOOD HAIR DAY , 06/15/2012

Do not sign up with these people. They don't tell you the whole truth, they lie about their services they offer. I let my freind borrow my credit card for JUST the deposit for this company. After 24 hours he was disspointened. And could get NO answers, so within one week he canceled his services. Well since he arguered with them about final bill, they didn't care. They just charged my charge card instead. 420.00 dollars. I called them, begged them, and even had cancel that card they used, but the credit card compnay let them charge any way. They said any water, electric, TV, or services like that can still route to your account.Just recently I was dignoised and have a disease for which I need medications, I told them if they didn't remove this I couldnt get my medication. They said" Oh well sorry, that is our policy.They are heartless, they really don't care about working anything out. I am a single student going to school. Now I can't even pay for my books this semester, and may have to drop out for this coming fall. Don't use them,unless you want to be used. They don't keep promises, abouttime and phone calls either.


by Angry with DirectTV , 09/18/2011

I am very discusted with the way DirectTV does buisness. I helped a friend by paying their bill with my debit card one time & they payed me back. But when the friend droped servives and didn't return the equiptment Direct TV took it appon themselves to charge me $440.00 on my debit card without authorization because they kept my card on file. As far as I am concerned, that is theft and fraud by them. I have never lived at the address listed and I did not give permission for that charge. I had to make many calls to Direct TV and they would not budge on the matter, they even gave me a wrong fax number to send my complaint to. I finally had to dispute trough Visa to get my money back & still not sure if I will get to keep it. All that took over a month. Very , very mad with this company and will NEVER use their services, even if it is the only option. If they treat non customers so crappy, what do they do with regulars, not taking chances.I'll go with Dish Network, thank you very much!

Cost of NFL

by ken turner , 08/21/2011

I have had Direct TV for over ten years and I think I should get more then $20.00 discount when you are giving to new customers at no cost. Direct TV should take better care of their loyal customers. Customer service offered first a $5.00 discount and said they transfer me to the disconnect. I would not recommend DirectTV

Direct Tv

by Dr Carol S Joyce , 04/15/2011

Direct TV was unable to provide service for over a week....I had no national news, no local news, no music, no entertainment, no HBO, no C-Span, no Pay Per View, etc ..yet, they made no offer to reduce my monthly bill by 25%-50% even tho their intrusive consumption of my time amounted to more than one month's entire Direct TV bill. They were full of excuses, which were bothr ignorant and untrue...I'm a lay person but know the difference between excuses to cover incompetence and logic..