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Poor Work/Customer Service

by Coloradomom , 01/06/2014

Charged a "labor fee" of $54.95 for literally 1 minute of work and left my microwave oven unit full of greasy fingerprints and sawdust on the floor. Also had to help the poor boy lift and push the unit back in. He had to come twice in one day as the first time he came with improper equipment. Upon talking to the owner for labor fee clarification it basically encompassed everything but labor. Healthcare, car expenses etc. Whatever happened to customer care, cleaning up after yourself, showing a little respect to the customer actually paying you!! Was told that if the repairmain had to clean up and re screw the unit back in my labor cost would have been WAY higher. So needless to say it was an incomplete job. Will never recommend this company.

shoddy service

by Jeanette R , 11/04/2013

This company has got to be one of the worst I have ever seen! I was referred to them by American Home Shield because my refrigerator was not cooling. The first tech they sent out replaced a fan after stating that he really didn't know what the problem was. This did not fix the problem so they then sent out "Rick"!! On his first visit he not only did not fix the problem, he broke the handle off my fridge!! He was in a very big hurry to leave just after we heard a snap & then hustled out the door. I went in to check what had happened & the handle came off in my hand!! Rick was just about to his truck when I asked him about the handle - his response was "it's old"!! After a bit he did agree to replace it. I had to call back the next day because the problem still was not fixed (3rd time!). They sent Rick out again. He did manage to fix the problem this time; however, he had to come back yet again to replace the handle & installed it upside down! When I called the office to let them know, I stated that I DID NOT want Rick back in my house as he is totally incompetent! Shay (receptionist?) told me ok she would schedule someone else for Monday, November 4. This morning, I get a call from Rick saying he is on his way out to fix the handle. I then called the office & spoke to Christy who let me know I didn't have an option. OK. So I stood & watched Rick install the handle. As he was trying to put the trim back on - by force - he actually broke another piece off & then lied to me saying it was something out of his pocket!! I then told him to get out of my house!! I would never recommend this company to anyone!! and I will make sure to let everyone I know just how bad the service is!


by Mike , 07/03/2009

Our Maytag Neptune dryer center went out on us -- a scary situation for a family of five where the washer and dryer seem to run 24/7. Clothes quickly piled up like bumper-to-bumper traffic in LA. We called several appliance repair shops -- many of whom claimed to repair Maytag machines, but all turned us down when we told them the type of unit we had (one of the newer humongous dryer centers). Only D-3/AOK said they could fix it -- and they delivered on that promise. The service tech was a great guy -- knowledgeable and courteous, and technically-proficient. He got us up and running, cleared the clothing traffic from the freeway, and made my family very happy.

I prefer D-3 for repairs

by knittingquilter , 03/18/2010

We have used them many times over the past 12 years, both for in and out of warranty service. They always come on time, helpful, and fix the problem quickly. We even purchase parts from them when we do our own repairs. Very helpful and knowledgeable people

Helpful and pleasant

by Karen , 02/24/2011

I had an appointment set up with A ok for a recall repair on my Maytag dishwasher. Dave called ahead to let me know just when he would be there, and then arrived on time, and was very pleasant and helpful while completing the repair, answering all of my "curiosity" questions with patience and good humor.

Thank you

by Bridget , 10/19/2011

Our 1 year old washer that came highly recommended stopped working. Our family piles up clothes in no time. I was very please with the price and service.....thank you...

I've used them for YEARS

by Rudy , 04/10/2012

They've fixed dishwashers, clothes dryer and washers ... some several times. No problems ever.

Rip Off

by Highly Disappointed , 06/15/2013

The company came to fix our oven after it quit working after running self-cleaning. The repair man disrespectfully laughed at me when I said what the problem was and said it was probably user error. He replaced the part. Oven is now working. He told us not to use self-cleaning anymore and that we should have our 6 year old climb into the oven and clean it! Then he said she wouldn't do it because she doesn't even clean her own room. He knows us how? He charged us an amount that is 1/3 the original cost of our oven!! We looked up the part, and the part was only $27!!! We called customer service and they won't work with us at all. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Worse than one would expect or hope

by Fed up , 10/02/2013

Used them 3 times in the last month. They give 3 hour windows for service (today was 1-4) techs have been late every time (today did not arrive until 5 today) they do not call you to update you (called the office and was told "you are next on the list" whatever that means). The company is too big and seems to have monopoly for some manufacturers for warranty and repair work so they do not care. Their techs work on a commission % of the ticket and they bill time and materials so the techs take as much time as they can, making work for themselves to run up the time they take. This results in 1) larger bills than they estimate and 2) techs running late to the service calls so you sit around waiting forever on them just so they can take more time than needed in order to run up your bill. The first time I used them was not terrible only charged for a service call because I decided to replace the appliance instead of repair it. Tech was only a little late (it was early morning)/. Second time tech was within the service call time (barely) and charged $253 to do a job that the manufacturer (when I call to complain about why it takes so long to repair this item) told be it should have taken 30 minutes or less (the tech took nearly 2 hours) and when the manufacturer explained to me how it was to be done the Tech did none of that essentially dismantling the appliance unnecessarily just to burn the clock. This explains why they are late to their calls and why the later in the day the later they become. Two choices get an early call and watch them run up your bill or get a late call when the tech might want to get home because he has already made his money for day but expect them to arrive at least an hour after the service call time window (and might still run up your bill) . Really recommend using a smaller company where you talk to the owner and they have only a few employees. This company is too big, techs are on an incentive pay system designed to run up the time and labor charges and that is more important than you are. They seem not to have any ethics.

Response from Business - 2013-10-03 06:26:35
Valued Customer,I would like to first of all apologize for your frustrations you have had with our company during the process of repairing your appliance, as well please allow me to explain further on the points you addressed as operating procedures within our company.The technicians do work on a commission basis as do 95 % of all service based trades, we bill on a flat rate not a times rate so if the tech is there 30 minutes or three hours the rate is the same. The assumption of more time more money is completely off target and incorrect.Technicians are assigned 4 morning a 4 afternoon calls to fill the 8-12 and 1-5 windows, at times yes they can run behind and arrive a bit after the 4 hour window you are assigned, they should call to notify the customer however at times they do forget to do this and please accept my apologies for that.In closing we have been servicing appliances along the front range since 1957, in able to have the ability to grow and be in business for that amount of time we have always operated on an extremely high ethics foundation and as well provide on a daily basis the highest quality service experience to each and every one of our customers. If you as a customer do not feel you were treated with that respect and given that quality of service please accept my apologies once again and feel free to contact our offices and we can discuss the above mentioned concerns further in depth.Regards,Travis

Do not purchase replacement parts from A-OK.

by namser , 07/21/2010

I brought a dishwasher/motor pump in for repair and because of a seized part on the motor, A-OK couldn't repair the motor. I purchased a replacement assembly (motor/pump) from them for $250 and in one month, I noticed the motor was making some bearing noise. I asked to have the part replaced with a new assembly and was told that they don't warranty any parts. Once the part leaves their building, they will not cover any warranty unless they installed the part. For those of you planning to do any work yourself, find another part source. These guys won't cover any parts that your purchase from them.

Response from Business - 2011-11-01 10:19:53
We appreciate your feed back, and have been serving the Colorado Springs area for over 50 years.with generations of satisfied customers. It was distressing to read your comment. Unfortunatley this has always been our parts policy and I believe you will find it is other service companies policy as well. Thank you