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Description: Located in Skokie, IL, Cradles, Cribs & Crayons provides a safe child care environment for every child with secure doors and a safe facility. Every parent can feel safe when trusting their child to an experienced staff that is dedicated to nothing less than the best for your child.

Cradles, Cribs & Crayons has a number of other activities for children including:

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Science
  • Math
  • Playground
  • Field trips

    Your child deserves the very best! Cradles, Cribs & Crayons brings more than 29 years of outstanding care, and is a place where your child can learn, meet other children their age and, of course, play. Open year-round, we accept children from age 6 weeks to 5 years old. Your child will always be occupied with fun and educational activities. Whether enjoying our computers equipped for education, or music and phonics, our childcare center provides it all.

    Cradles, Cribs & Crayons has a two-fold goal. First, is to provide a facility for youngsters to grow, play and learn. Second, is to serve in a partnership with parents in child-rearing activities. These goals will be accomplished by various growth and motor development activities, which encourage self-liking, self-confidence and self-understanding. At Cradles, Cribs & Crayons, we pride ourselves on catering to the individual needs of your infant, toddler, or preschooler.

    Our state-licensed and certified teachers have the experience and the dedication to provide your child with the learning tools necessary to enhance cognitive skills and to begin grade school.

    Call Cradles, Cribs & Crayons to enroll your child today!
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    Brands: Science
    Languages Spoken: spanish
    Certification and Affiliations: State Licensed Center Certified Teachers
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    Results years later

    by John Ferina , 05/21/2014

    Response to if Carlo has Autism after years in the school system. Carlo is doing much better since leaving cradle cribs and crayons. He is excelling in math, reading, and writing. After using the services of Hunting Learning Center he has caught up and surpassed his peers. Reading these old reviews the point of the review system was missed. The child's and the parents experience at the facility is what the review system was designed for. Why would anyone think that I would write a false story on my experience? What do I have to gain by this? Sad thing is I am the customer to this facility and I express my dissatisfaction for the service I received and I never once receive and apology from the facility. Instead I have them defending their position. By responding the way you did it proves my point. I anticipate that after posting this comment there will be some reply to save face and raise the star review back to where they want it. And just to prove that I am not hiding behind the internet. Anyone who wants to know my story in detail and wants contacts to verify my experience. My name is John Ferina 773-636-7378.

    Response to outsideobserver

    by stop the guesswork , 08/15/2012

    When you say 'obviously' in all your points - its total guess work on your part. You don't know anyone involved or the steps the daycare itself took. And you certainly have no idea This is a classic example of the anonymity of the internet allowing people with their opinions to make them definitive instead of just what they really are – guess work and gossip. The only thing that is ‘obvious’, is a lot of posts around the internet of parents raving about this business and the care and concern the entire staff has for the kids there. And one parent who did not have a good experience. An experience mind you that they didn’t appreciate, and that can be understood, but it happened BECAUSE of the care of the people at the daycare. They didn’t ‘diagnose’ the child - they were worried about the kid’s well being. They (and its my opinion) appropriately told the parent – “We think something is wrong, and we want you to know what we observed” – isn’t that what ANYONE would want from a daycare. I’d rather they tell me of a potential problem with my child than ignore something that could be an issue!So it comes down to opinion over the approach of the staff at this daycare. I for one feel that I’d rather have concerned & involved caretakers, rather than ones who play PC and just hand my kid back at the end of the day. Obviously others don’t want the same care, and they WISELY chose someplace else to go. Obviously CCC cares too much about the kids there to ignore them.And about the “wrong diagnosis”, who knows what happened with that child? The parent said they took them to all these different specialists and the results all came back negative. You assume the worst about the business when who knows if the parent even did what they said? Maybe the parents (and this NEVER happens, right?) don’t want to hear anything negative about their child, and instead of doing anything just pulled their kid, moved on, and threw CCC ‘under the bus’ on their way out? Hopefully they did the right thing for their child, and went to the specialists, but its been a year now… who knows how that child is doing today? I guarantee this parent, if something came up (and I TRULY hope nothing is wrong with their child – that is the absolute worst thing ever to happen) they would not run to update the review or post “just kidding, CC was right”.I hope the best for this family and EVERYONE who has kids - its hard to raise them, even harder when you have to entrust them to strangers. Let’s let those who have been involved share their opinion so parents like us can make informed choices - cause in the end its about what’s best for OUR kids…and let’s keep the ‘obvious’ gossip to ourselves.

    I love this daycare

    by Jack , 11/15/2011

    I just love this school. I have 2 boys aged 5 and 3.They have both been there since they were 1 yrs old.I work all day and needed a place that could keep the kids till 5-6pm.It's such a long time to be without my kids. I looked around for a long time before choosing a daycare.I spoke with every director and parents of many schools and was by far most impressed with Cradles Cribs & Crayons. The director was professional yet very warm. I had a long chat with her.After talking to her for about an hour I just knew that this was the place that felt right. The teachers are so nice and adore the kids.I've already known them for 4 years and am so sad my older one is graduating soon.Both boys love coming to school and run and give a big hug to the director/owner everytime they see her. I've read past reviews that were commenting on the director. I have to say that after 4 years i've never had a bad experience with her. I can't imagine leaving my kids with a person I didn't trust %100. She is

    John's son HAS autism and it's sad he hasn't

    by parentMD , 04/21/2011

    It's so sad to see a parent felt the need for namecalling -- on a business directory of all places! In retrospect, I hope he is able to see what he has done is wrong. The truth is, these daycare teachers spend much more time with our children than we as parents do. Their professional opinions should not be so hastily discounted. They are professionally trained and, to this point, Cradles' director HAS graduate-level credentials. Next time you make fun of someone online, please do a *little* homework first. Unfortunately for John, I DO have a medical degree and had the unique pleasure of meeting his son on a number of occasions as our children were in the same classroom more than a year ago. It was obvious to me then that his son most definitely displays mild behavioral symptoms and characteristics for autism.

    Couldn't get any better

    by turnmets1 , 05/26/2010

    My child is so happy here! I can’t say enough how much I love this center. I sent my older child to a different center, one with a long waiting list. There always seemed to be issues. They never quite practiced what they preached. Cradles, Cribs & Crayons is exactly the opposite. The staff is warm and outgoing. The communication is direct. I never find a note in the cubby about an issue that happened during the day that only the morning staff, who left for the day, knows about it. It might not be big & fancy, but it is very clean and there are plenty of activities for the children. My child actually started to cheer as we rounded the corner in the morning to “go to school” after the second week.

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