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Cottonwood Landscapes LLC

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Reviews of Cottonwood Landscapes LLC

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5 Patio Tear-Out and Replacement by The Bowcutts - 12/05/2014

Our 45 year patio was a real eyesore for us to look at and not usable for guests. Cottonwood Landscaping tore out the old patio under difficult conditions (an eight-foot fence and an aluminum roof, neither of which could be removed for their work). This contractor amazed us by showing up on schedule, working a full day every day, and doing a beautiful transformation on our home. They laid pavers, installed a raised flower/grow box and landscaped a small garden area and installed an automatic drip watering system to keep the area maintenance free for us. The area is beautiful to look at and looks much larger than our old patio. We highly recommend Cottonwood for any landscaping or outdoor rennovation job you may be considering. Vaughn and Rae Bowcutt

5 Top Quality Landscape Contractor by Richard S. Eastlyn by Eastlyn - 11/27/2014

In September, 2012, Cottownwood did a major project for me by redesigning and reconstructing a portion of my back yard that involved significant tear-out of existing landscape, contour shaping and installation of designer-manufactured concrete pavers, manufactured concrete block holding wall and planting area, designer-manufactured concrete steps, rustic beam pergola and a sandstone outdoor fireplace with storage area, an ornamental fence with two security gates and new, sloping planting beds - total cost of $40,650. In July, 2013, Cottonwood designed a new patio, walkway and steps with appropriate landscaping for the remaining portion of my back yard. They removed the existing brick wall, steps, lawn, sprinkler connections and concrete. Prepared, graded and Installed new designer concrete pavers, high-quality pre-formed concrete steps to my deck with matching platforms, new sprinkler system for the area, installed a 68' ornamental fence with security gate. They re-designed the area with large quartzite boulders resulting in sloping planting beds. They provided all plants and new grass. This is my second project with this company – total cost of $16,419. In Feb. and March, 2014, Cottonwood designed and installed new front steps, paver walkways, sprinkler system and rock gardens consisting of manufactured concrete block steps, designer concrete slab pavers, iron bannisters, quartzite boulders and various plantings. Total cost $16,556.00.Summary: This my third project with Cottonwood over the last three years. Through each of these experiences, I found this local company very professional, extremely skilled and able to deal with all the issues and unsuspecting problems that arise with these types of projects. Their construction crews are outstanding with experienced staff and hands-on supervision. All were very efficient in time management and the crews are very responsive and extremely hard working. All three projects were started and completed on time. Also, the in-house design architect was very helpful for addressing issues and landscaping alternatives. I was very impressed with how effectively each phase of the projects were organized, scheduled and staffed. I should add that projects of this size require heavy equipment which can result in significant damage to surrounding areas. Cottonwood did a masterful job in reducing collateral damage. Their cleanup at completion was excellent on each project. Management is experienced, extremely ethical, well organized and addresses customer issues with promptness, sincere concern and fairness. Their workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. Richard S. Eastlyn, Cottonwood Heights, Utah

5 Great landscapers by Deb fleisch - 11/25/2014

Cottonwood has done 3 projects at our home, all three turned out beyond our expectations, our back yard is so beautiful with a large paver patio, beautiful water feature and fire pit, they also solved the problem of a front porch that needed to be replaced, they are dependable and professional.

5 Great job! by JJ - 11/25/2014

I needed a 140' drive strip done in a hurry, they were able to work me into the schedule and did an awesome job in 1 day, the crew were great, and the price was more than fair, great job guys!

5 Excellent Landscape Crew by Mark - 11/24/2014

Completely removed my existing lawn (both front and back). Re-did the sprinkling system in the front, designed a front yard flower/planting area including drip system. Installed vinyl fencing. The crew made the deadline even though the weather did not play along. The crew was friendly. I would use them again.

5 Very happy by Richard - 11/24/2014

I contracted Cottonwood Landscaping to install a rock wall, rock steps, geyser fountain and a fire pit with pavers surrounding the pit. I met with their landscape architect and we worked through the ideal landscaping given the area. Architect was professional, open to input and gave me great suggestions I did not think of when we had planned the work. The landscaping crew arrived on the scheduled day and did amazing work. Everyone who has been to an event at my yard has commented on how wonderful the yard looks. I am extremely happy with the work. We had hired several landscapers to do other jobs and I would never hire any of them again. On the other hand, I can not recommend Cottonwood enough. In fact, a month after the work was completed, there was a problem with the water pump to the geyser fountain. I called Cottonwood and the pump was fixed promptly. I will use their services again.

1 40 trees planted for $21000 and 13 dead a year later. by haundd - 10/02/2014

Contracted to plant 40 large trees on my 3 cars lot in Midway for about $21000. Planted the trees on time as agreed. Within about 5 months 7 of the largest and most expensive trees were dead or dying. I called and emailed to request advice or help. No response from Cottonwood.I had a certified arborist inspect the trees 5 months after planting. He advised that the drip system was wholly inadequate. Only one emitter was placed at the trunk of 10-14 foot tall White Fir trees. He stated that at least three emitters should have been installed on the perimeters of the root ball, not one at the trunk. I remedied this myself at the onset of spring. By spring all the White Fir were dead or dying as well a couple of aspen. I continued to call and email over the year and never received any response from Cottonwood. Cottonwood is prompt at picking up their check and once they have this in hand they won't want to see you. There is no warranty and no after the job service even though it is common practice to get at least a one year warranty even when buying trees at most nurseries.At this writing 13 of the original 40 trees are 80% or more dead. My arborist tells me it is normal to lose up to 10%, but we have lost 30% in spite of having remedied the faulty irrigation system Cottonwood installed. We have tended and watered the trees carefully and consulted with two certified arborists.I have had a certified arborist inspect the trees and he had advised:1) They never should have been planted at that time of year, late October.2) They are of the lowest quality nursery stock.Dan Cloward is an unscrupulous businessman and should be avoided if you want honest dealings or expect any kind of service after the sale.

5 Deck and patio/walkway constructed of pavers by Chris - 05/11/2012

I retained Cottonwood Landscapes to consctruct a backyard deck and patio/walkway. They thankfully steered me away from concrete. The Cloward brothers and their foreman/labor force are top notch professionals and is why Cottonwood is AAA rated with the BBB which is how I discovered this company intially. They have a landscape architect on board with great horticulture/yard art knowledge for placement and choice. I also had them plant large trees. One did not make the winter and just recently they made good with their warranty promise and once again I have a thriving tree. Some hariline cracks developed in the polymeric paver grout which is typical and expected. Without hesitation, a crew has been scheduled to fill the cracks with another round of sand at no additional cost as part of the warranty. Last fall I had a little rust issue from the deck rod iron railing to which Cottonwood coordinated the subcontractor who perfectly fixed the problem. These guys are experienced professionals that I highly recommend for any yard improvments including lighting solutions, water features, etc. I wish you could upload a photo of the craftmanship to share with all including Cottonwood.

5 Landscaping project by Philip D'Agostini - 11/26/2011

Cottonwood did a great job at my home, from design, pricing within my budget and installation of my complete landscape package. They also helped design and install a recirculating cistern system for me.

5 great landscaping and sprinklers by Joy - 10/25/2011

Cottonwood Landscapes did a great job last year on my backyard. I had them install a new lawn sprinkling system, haul in some new topsoil, and lay some sod. Their crew was very nice, professional, and did a great job. They even came back and replaced sections of sod that did not take to make sure it looked great and i was satisfied. Dan and Gary were great and were very willing to answer question and instructions on how to best take care of and water my new lawn. They did such a great job that I had them come back this year to do my front yard with a retaining wall next to my driveway, install lawn sprinklers, lay some sod, edging for flower beds and some new plants for the beds with a design layout from Gary. The design was great as I would not have known where to put the plants so that they would look the best and flourish. My front yard looks great and I can not wait until next year when the flowers and plants mature a little so I can see the full effect.