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Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric Center

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Description: Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric Center is located in Jacksonville, NC. Our goal is to assist you with your mental health care needs. Our experienced staff brings together mental health providers of assorted range of educational backgrounds.

Learn to overcome or live with your mental health issues such as:

  • Family Therapy
  • Couples/Marital Therapy
  • Depression
  • Learning Disorders
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • And more

    Caring for our patients and seeing what a difference providing excellent care can make their lives and their family lives is the best part of our business.

    Most insurance is accepted at Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric Center.

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    Area Served: Jacksonville
    Services: Behavioral Counseling, Mental Health, Child Counseling, Family Counseling, Learning Disabilities, Neuropsychology, Osteopathy, Geriatric Psychiatry, Depression Counseling, Osteopathic Neurology, Clinical Social Workers, Human Relations
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    Unprofessional Therapist

    by anonymous , 10/19/2016

    I had an appointment set up in order to meet with a therapist named Dimitra Nipper. Afterwards, I googled her name and coastal neuropsychiatric center in order to look for reviews on her. I could not find reviews but her facebook popped up and she commented on her place of employment stating, "Basically I deal with a bunch a crazy kids/teens and adults! Fun Fun!" A comment made like this by a therapist on social media is completely unprofessional. I would not recommend this facility to anyone with members of staff such as this.

    pills anyone?

    by Sarah , 11/21/2014

    I would agree with all of the posts regarding over medication!!! Never see a Dr. and when we did see Mikhail, he was not at all interested in my mothers history...alot of nodding, looking at the computer, scripts scripts and more scripts...then a polite goodbye. That was 4 years ago. Now we see the LPN...really? It's frustrating, and disappointing at best.


    by mike , 07/21/2013

    Well for the drug addict this office is great. Dr mikhail and Marie Belanger will overwrite prescriptions with only minimal convincing. They wrote a 30 day supply of concerts for our daughter. Which should be 30 tablets. They wrote it for 60 tablets for 30 days to avoid having to write another for the next month. Three months in a row this happened. They have been reported to the NC medical board and the DEA. As of 20 July. So if you are considering these doctors. Stay away!

    Goind down hill fast...

    by MomOnAMission1 , 04/19/2013

    This establishment has gone down hill ever since Dr. A. left. We are rescheduled 90% of the time, I work and my child goes to school... how is constantly having to change OUR personal schedules around so much good for US the patient. Everytime and I mean EVERYtime we have be scheduled to see Dr. Mikhail he has "already left the office for a personal emergancy"... REALLY??? 5 different times, REALLY??? We have literally never seen the man. Can't wait to see what happens at the next visit in 2 weeks. Just wish Dr. A. would come back or my insurance would let us change offices all together.

    No care for New Bern

    by NewBernMom , 07/16/2012

    I went to the New Bern location when it opened, at first everything was fine. The girls in check in were very friendly and took the time to talk to me and make me feel welcome. I got used to one doctor, next month that doctor moved to Morehead city. Following that they changed my appointment two times after it was set by cutting their hours and closing down. DON"T go here if you want consistent care.

    An update on an earlier review.

    by NoteMaker , 05/22/2012

    I wanted to update everyone. I filed a grievance with CCNC and gave them a month. I just recently went back to find out where they were in the process and when could I expect to hear back from someone and all I got was a bunch of "I don't know"s. This was after the girl kept going back and asking the office manager (who never came out to talk to me). Dr. Mikhail has my paperwork...he is the owner. That seems to be a conflict of interest...right? Why do I feel like I'm raging against a machine here? Does anyone else feel this way? So I guess I sit and wait. She said they don't have any protocol in place for their grievance process. When I asked her if I am just supposed to sit and wait for an undefined period of time she said "I don't know"..... come on.

    Overmedicated my twin sons

    by MomTo6Kids , 04/30/2012

    My mom went behind my back and never told the doctor they had to get in touch with my husband and i about our sons. We never authorized our twins to go to this doctor and we were against this from the beginning as our twins were having bad withdrawal symptoms from the medication they had been put on. I would never recommend this office to anyone ever

    Highly recommend office.

    by Lisa , 03/08/2012

    I recently had an appointment wtih Dr. Wright. I found him to be extremely helpful and took his time to explained my treatment plan. The office staff were very friendly and helpful. I waited approximately 10 minutes in the waiting room, called back and almost immediately saw the provider. Highly recommend this office.


    by anonymousone , 01/11/2012

    Dr. Mikhail had put me on a very addictive med that I didn't want to be on because you have to be weaned off. He also put me on one that made me so suicidal that I almost died and spent 4 days in the, I.C.U. After that I was given another Dr. Ubfortunatley he left and they've now given me back to, Dr. Mikhail. After seeing him the other day, I went to my pharmacy to pick my refills up and come to find out, he NEVER turned my prescriptions in. Thank god I'm not on any addictive medicine anymore or I'd really be in trouble.He is incompetant. The good Dr's they get always leave. Makes me wonder why. I do not recommend him but anyone else other than him.

    three ring circus

    by yourbestadvisor , 01/06/2012

    Dr. Cusi has moved to practice here and HE is the ONLY thing that is good about this outfit! If you are late, you need to reschedule, but if you are on time, you'll wait a hour and a half.They only give thirty day prescriptions, so you have to go back every thirty days for a new scrip, which by the way is a rip off! and if your child is sixteen, he has to have a drivers license, never mind he is mentally ill and you don't want him to. disappointed, very disappointed. However, we love Dr. Cusi!

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