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1 Be-Aware-4U by Nebraskan against bad lawyers - 01/26/2014

Don't be FOOLED.......Udated List___ Wood v. KHAN HOTELS LLC Dist. Court, D. Nebraska 2013 Chapin LOST ---- Donald E. WRIGHT Plaintiff, v. Kathleen SEBELIUS, 818 F.Supp.2d 1153 Chapin LOST ----Counsel For Discipline v. Chapin 699 N.W.2d 359 Violation of oath of office---- Kearney v. Kearney, 644 N.W.2d 171 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- T.Carmicheal v. T.Rollings, 280 Neb.59 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- State of Neb. v. Manning, 18 Neb.App 545 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- State v. Roe, 646 N.W.2d 264 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- State v. Rudnick, A-06-625 Neb.App Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- State v. LeGrand, 541 N.W.2d 380 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- State v. Anglemyer, 269 Neb 237 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Ways v. Shively, 264 Neb 250 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Guardianship of Sophia M, 710 N.W.2d 312 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Baltensperger v. U.S Dept Agriculture, 549 N.W.2d 651 R. Chapin LOST---- State v. Plymate, 598 N.W.2d 65 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Percival v. Dep of Corrections, 446 N.W.2d 211 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Rubin v. Rubin, 434 N.W.2d 329 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Neb.Assoc Public Employees, 374 N.W.2d 46 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Recek v. Dep. of Public Instit., 404 N.W.2d 414 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Mc Manaman In Interest of, 383 N.W.2d 45 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Howard v. City of Lincoln, 497 N.W.2d 53 Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Woodward v. Hoover Group, 985 F.2d 421 8th Cir. Robert Chapin LOST---- Reich v. Stewart, 121 F.3d 400 8th Cir. Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Radecke v. Joura, 177 F.3d 694 8th Cir. Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Ways v. City of Lincoln, 331 F.3d 596 8th Cir. Robert Wm. Chapin LOST---- Can't imagine how many in unpublished opinions! On March 4, 2011 the Nebraska Supreme Court disbarred Lincoln attorney Peter T Thew. Robert William Chapin 'Chapin law office' represented Thew in this proceedings. Chapin stated to the Supreme court he could not comment on all of Thew's misconduct because he an Thew were partners on some of these dealings! Do yourself a favor and talk to a respectable law firm. You have to be a complete moron to hire this attorney.

1 A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR MONEY, TIME. by Lincoln Client - 08/25/2011

Once you retain Robert William Chapin, Bill Chapin, of Chapin law office. He will do absolutely as little as possible for you, if anything at all. He and his staff are deliberately incompetent, lazy, unprofessional, and he will do irreparable harm to your case.

1 Client by customer 2013 - 06/05/2010

What a complete waste of money and time. Why does Nebraska allow this man to call himself a attorney and steel peoples retainers. After you give him a retainer, he makes no effort to give you the legal representation you think a practicing attorney has to give you. He damages your case with his incompetence, and needs to be suspended from posing as an attorney

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