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Description: Central Florida Behavioral Hospital, located in Orlando, Fla., is a mental health treatment center serving the entire state of Florida as well as the greater United States. Offering exceptional behavioral health care, Central Florida Behavioral Hospital offers treatment programs for both psychiatric needs as well as substance abuse issues. Outpatient and partial hospitalization programs are available for children, adolescents and adults.

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital offers a variety of specialties based on individual patient needs. These specialties include:

-- Trauma recovery
-- Chemical recovery
-- Learning academy
-- Wellness center
-- Growth treatment model

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital's setting provides a calm atmosphere to help patients focus completely on their recovery efforts. The homelike setting enjoys central Florida's semitropical climate, which allows for year-round activities both indoors and out. Two campuses are available for differing age groups and include an adult campus and a youth campus.

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital accepts both private pay and most major health insurance companies. While the goal is to provide cost-effective care, patients may request to have a discussion on private pay rates when cost is an issue.

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital, in Orlando, Fla., is committed to building healthier communities and helping patients reclaim a natural life balance.
Brands: Psycho-educational group,Milieu therapy,Family therapy,Psychiatric evaluation,Psychosocial assessment,Recreational therapy,Medication education,Support groups,Individual therapy,Psyciatrists,
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by CFBH , 07/19/2015

The food is alright and the facility is alright, except for the palms, that place is disgusting. Anyhow i am now on Serenity Bay and while there are some nice staff members most of them are SO RUDE to me. I am sorry that i have a disorder and cannot act the way you want me to all of the time, I AM SICK. If you don't like your job then find another one because all you are doing is making our condition that much worse. You guys make me feel like a piece of shit from the time i wake up until the time i go to bed. I came here because i was feeling like a piece of shit and wanted to not live anymore. SO THANKS! thank you for making me not want to live even more because there are people like YOU in this world. They were also told not to give me snacks anymore which i find disturbing because i have a horrible eating disorder as well and when im hungry i really should eat but oh well. These people literally do not care.


by disappointed , 12/20/2014

Worst experience of my daughters life, it will take a lot of time and support to move past her two and a half day stay there. Abusive and neglectful staff is putting it nicely. My daughter was brought in for a first time cutting situation, she isn't what you would call a problem child by any means. I could go on and on about the many things wrong there but here are a few. I expressed how important cleaning the cuts on her arm was, they told me to my face at 8am they would clean and dress it right away, when my daughter called us at 6pm that day her cuts still weren't cleaned. I called and went by the hospital asking for any information, the first person to contact us was the next day and it was the billing department. My daughter is a wreck after this experience staff member raised a hand to her to intimidate her, she woke to another patient touching her face. we couldn't be more unhappy and plan on getting legal council.

I tried posting a review several times.

by lakecity21 , 06/07/2013

Even if you voluntarily check yourself in they will find any excuse to Baker Act you. They don't care if you have a job to go to. They will imprison you there even if you have to go to work. This facility is only in existence to make money and not to help anyone. I went in voluntarily because of a break up. They tried to Baker Act me and keep me there a week. The doctor said that my doctor at the V.A. Hospital said to keep me there for a week. Then my doctor at the V.A. hospital said the facility said I needed to stay a week. I had to get my father to call and threaten to take legal action then they let me out after 2 days. There were patients who were there 2 weeks then when their insurance wouldn't pay any longer they were amazingly capable of going home. Again as long as your insurance is willing to pay you are not getting out of there!

Oh goodness....

by Aly4u77 , 06/03/2013

The hospital part was a good experience. I met a lot of awesome people while I was there. However, their business office SUCKS. If you can go somewhere else, then please do so to save yourself the hassle of dealing with the business office. They constantly harass me saying I haven't paid my bill, which isn't true, and they keep sending me bills saying "you have not responded as expected." Save yourself the mental strain and try to go somewhere else that won't cause you so many problems. If you've been here for mental health issues, then you don't need the harassment from the business office after you've received care. TRUST ME, I'm regretting going there because of all the hassle they're putting me through.

Not That Great For People With Special Needs

by MsBlossom , 02/25/2013

The In Patient program is better than Lakeside for sure but thats where it ends. They do not know how to deal with people that have 'special' needs such as Bariatric Patients or others with special dietary needs. When I went in I missed three doses of my vitamins and was forced to eat things that I can't eat and that will make me sick such as pasta and breads, sweets and other foods. When I refused and demanded other foods I got the feeling they thought I was just being fussy and spoiled. I even spoke with the dietician, who ordered me a special diet and even after he ordered me special snacks and a special diet the cafeteria ladies got different instructions than what I explained to the man. High protein and vitamins are essential to me not getting sick. So either he didin't write the notes down properly or people in that place don't communicate across the channels from employee to employee very professionally. It's like they have never taken care of anyone with special dietary needs before. Also I got a misleading impression that I would receive more personalized attention and therapy. The 'therapy' you recieve there is a joke. All they do is put you into very low functioning groups they call 'therapy' that may be good for people who have never experienced groups or therapy before but for someone a little more seasoned like myself, it felt like I was going to kiddie school or kindergarden. Litterally one of the 'therapy groups' was to jump out of your chair when you heard the letter B! Also one of their biggest flaws for in patient is that they mainly focus on medication stablization. They need to have individual counseling every day. People will never get better if they focus on medication alone and not everyone has the same needs. I needed more therapy, and I only got to speak with the therapist once before I left and it wasn't a therapy session it was just a lot of questions and answers about personal history and why I came in. A lot of other patients expressed to me that they were also upset that there was not more individualized attention and therapy. Nextly, they also got my medication dosage wrong twice, even though the doctor said she would change it to what I was taking at home, it either got forgotten about or someone didin't write it down somewhere. I lost a ton of sleep there because of that! The days were incredibly boring. All they had to do between their 'groups' were old books and a tv on the most boring station ever and also a game of Jenga I was totally uninterested in. Not being kept busy highly increases my anxiety. Also, for the money you have to pay they should put you in a private room. My roomates snored so much I lost a ton of sleep so I can't see how being exausted helps your mental state since they always say their hands are tied when you complain about it anyways. They do have a fridge with snacks and drinks and it's all unhealthy, and fattening junk food, which isin't good for a Bariatric Patient at all. It was like torture watching everyone else enjoy their snacking when I couldn't and especially since ive had a food addiction and also had to watch people eat sweets at lunch, it really brought back my cravings full force. Trying to leave was another nightmare all together. No one there communicates with each other at all. I was told I could go and did not need a second opinion, then the nurses later on didin't hear about that and said I did. Then a second set of nurses came in on another shift and didin't know anything about anything! I had to go knock on the therapist's door and ask her what was going on, I had been waiting so long after I signed all my papers. She had to go back up to the front desk and tell them that the doctor said I could go, and then they still didin't let me go for a while until the doctor came back and confirmed it. I almost had to stay another night there because of their lack of communcation and professionalism between employees.

PHP Patient

by Anon , 02/11/2013

Wow, some of the reviews here are so badly written and so misinformed it's making me believe there is no hope for humanity. As hospitals go, I've been Baker Acted twice, once at Park Place in Osceola and the second time at Kennedy. As THE PATIENT, I would choose Central Florida Behavioral EVERY TIME over any other choice. No, hospitals aren't meant to be fun and they certainly aren't a spa vacation, but this hospital is cleaner, more efficiently run, and staffed better than any other hospital I've been to. The Partial Hospitalization Program certainly helped me with my substance abuse and mental health problems. The therapists were friendly, and definitely concerned about what was best for the patients. Don't even take the bad reviews here seriously - anyone who knows ANYTHING about mental health hospitals would know that CFB is a MUCH better hospital than Lakeside or similar.

Best around

by At a much better place , 12/04/2012

I have been in several facilities over the last several years. I finally found a place that treated not only my drug problem but they also helped with my depression. The doctors and the staff were very caring and helped me work thru my issues. Because of this facility, I am at a much better place in my life. I would recommend this place to any of my friends or family that needed help.

Wonderful Staff

by BBholmes , 10/19/2012

I would recommend this facility to anyone. My child was Baker Acted there from a hopistal emergency room. The staff were very kind and compassionate as we had never dealt with this before. They met with me and my daughter and explained the process. I spoke to the staff on a daily basis. The docor was very intelligent and called me right after she saw my daughter. My daughter is doing very well and thanked me making her stay and get the treatment she needed.


by family , 09/20/2012

Not desirable but definitely necessary sometimes. They helped my cousin who was way out of control and behaving irresponsibly. She got to see what they outcome would be if she didn't get cleaned up and get her act together. She needed and wanted help and you really have to want it to benefit. It is not a bad place as such places go. Lakeside is nothing but a warehouse for the distubed and they didn't help her at all until she was transferred here.

Best in Central Florida

by Been there , 09/20/2012

No hospital setting is ideal. The overworked staff here really do have the patient's best interest at heart. There are strict laws governing patient confidentiallity and those cannot be skirted to accommodate "friends or people claiming to be family members". If they are not on the patient's call list they cannot get ANY info. No one is allowed cell phones but they are given time to call others and bosses at the appropriate times. It is obvious by some of these posting that many these people have serious mental issues or do not understand the complexities of mental illness. I hope they find the help they need from somewhere. I have worked in the field for 15 years and I have seen much worse treatm,ent at other places than patients receive here. Again, if you can get into an outpatient setting, that is preferred, but you have to be open, willing and compliant with your treatment or you will end up in a hospital setting. Not a desirable venture.

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