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Bumble Bee Taxi

We offer fast friendly local service and BEE-yond.

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DexKnows Rating: 4 stars (28 Ratings and Reviews)

Reviews of Bumble Bee Taxi

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1 Never showed. by Jen - 12/19/2012

Called an hour before my ferry. Said they'd be there in 15 minutes. Never showed. Thanks a lot. Never again.

5 Flying Colors by L. A. girl - 10/28/2012

I woke up this morning with a really bad headache and not ready to go on a business trip to L.A. I called up Bumble Bee taxi from my home several hours early to plan for the day. I asked them how much the Airporter cost. I decided to take that and set up a pick-up. The taxi driver picked me up and drove me to the 76 station to wait for the airporter. Before getting out, I looked around and didn't like the atmosphere of my surroundings. It was dead quiet and I didn't want to be waiting alone at an empty gas station. I still had a headache so I told the driver to wait for me while I go in and get a cup of really strong coffee. When I got back, the driver was out of the car with my bags off to the side. I said, "No, no!" and told the driver I'd rather take the cab to the airport. He put my bags back in the cab and we drove off. He asked me where I was going and I told him L.A. He told me he used to live in L.A. and it was a really great place to coin shop. All of a sudden, we got into a discussion on all the places he's lived and where he's coin shopped! He told me where it's dangerous, he told me where you can get a really good deal, he told me where the best ones are. One of the best things I liked about this cab ride was the fact that I really didn't have to talk that much. I just listened. And it was very entertaining AND informative. By the time we got to the airport, my headache was gone! I thanked the driver, gave him a sizeable tip, and he helped me with my bags. That ride was worth the money and I made it to my flight with plenty of time to spare.

5 I got the job! by moxigirl - 06/18/2012

I was going to a job interview, and I missed my ferry to Seattle. I started panicking and worrying how will I get there on time. Foretunately, Bumble Bee Taxi was waiting right there at the ferry terminal, so I went over and asked the driver how much to Downtown Seattle. He told me $150 and he won’t go any higher. I reluctantly got in the cab and prayed it’d be worth the money. And yes, it was worth the money. Not only did I get a safe, straight-thru ride to downtown Seattle, but Tony the driver convinced me to vote Republican in the general election. And I was early to my interview too, which impressed the hiring manager who hired me on the spot! I don’t take the taxi to work, but when I’m in a jam I know who to call.

1 love bumble bee by rockroad - 01/28/2012

this is the only taxi i take. I love me some bumble bee.

5 Fastest service, Friendly drivers by believe333 - 10/09/2011

I had a wonderful expierience with Bumble Bee taxi, Their driver was polite and friendly, and got me to my destination safe. When I called, they also got to me quickly. I will be calling them again, and I will be reccomending them to my friends!

5 AWESOME by Kale - 09/26/2011

These guys are great! Ed is always the guy I ask for. But I havn't had problems with anyone else. He's just cool to talk to, on time, told me a few places to check out. Just friendly and helpful I guess. A lot a navy guys use this 1 I think. My buddy was given their card from his command. I guess that says somethin, huh?

5 i just love these guys by cindy - 08/27/2011

thank you so much for being on time to pick me up this morning. I am glad I can depend on this company to be here a the time they say. I will be using you when i get back in bremerton.

5 very good by mike - 08/15/2011

i have been taking bumble bee for years, and i have never had a problem. It was 5 dollars when they first picked me up, and its still 5 dollars.

5 The greatest by mally - 08/15/2011

this is the greatest company ever. I can't believe anyone would hate on these guys.

5 Jesus isn't annoying by me - 08/15/2011

I am that appalling Jesus Loving Driver this previous customer was talking about. I do not preach, but if asked will gladly talk about my faith. Then again, we are all born again christians in this company so it could've been someone else. I know that the love of christ offends some people, but Its what I must exude. And I will never deny him when I am talking to somebody, because Jesus is part of who I am. Sorry If I offended you with THe Love of Christ.