Beaverton Grace Bible Church

The BIBLE, The Whole BIBLE, and nothing but the BIBLE!

980 NW 180th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97006

45.52716 -122.86251

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Description: Our focus is on the glory of our sovereign God through the systematic verse by verse preaching of the Holy scriptures for the sanctification of the saint and the salvation of the sinners. Our mission is to declare the narrow path of Jesus Christ in a broad path world!
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Bad Example

by Becca , 06/10/2012

you are a terrible example for how to be a christian. Your pastor should step down and beg for forgiveness. Turn the other cheek you holier that thou piece of SH*T

Wonderful Bible Believing Church! Excellent preaching!

by MiraRen , 03/14/2011

After being frustrated by other churches for their ambiguous teachings, my husband & I came to BGBC to see if this church was a place where our family could grow in our walk with the Lord and learn what the Bible teaches. It was EXACTLY that! The preaching is excellent!! Not only does the Pastor teach verse by verse, but he also uses quotes from Spurgeon, Luther, Jonathan Edwards, Matthew Henry, A.W. Pink, etc. Preachers of old, whose theology have stood the test of time and show that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, which was a great comfort to me. If you want to be blessed and gain a better understanding of God's Word... this is the place for you!

A church with priorities...

by Robert , 03/14/2011

My family has been very blessed to be a part of Beaverton Grace Bible Church. They really have their priorities in the right place. Christ centered preaching is at the forefront; exposition of the scriptures verse by verse. Church discipline is practiced, as any biblical church should. This is not a church for people who want to play at being a Christian or dabble in spirituality, it is a church to exhort and build up the bride of Christ, the saints of God, for the work of the ministry. The church has a focus of evangelism, to seek and save the lost, and to make disciples. In a culture overwhelmed with mystic spiritualism, pragmatic religion, and compromised convictions, Beaverton Grace Bible Church stands as a beacon of light and truth. If you want to grow in your walk with Christ, grow in personal holiness and knowledge of the scripture, and challenged to step out in your faith, BGBC is where you want to be.

Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!

by H.Dixon , 01/11/2012

Matt. 23:1-3 Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to his disciples, saying: "The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat. Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do.Read Matthew 23 carefully and ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and discernment. The pastor of this church is very crafty and deceptive. Matthew 23:15 "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.


by Exhausted , 01/11/2012

I attended this church for a couple of years, and I am someone this church is shunning too. A practice they use when you question, or just don’t agree with the pastor. I would strongly encourage anyone who is seriously considering attending this church to first research this pastors sermons either from the church’s site, or sermon audio, and listen too many of them with a very discerning ear long before you consider attending this place, paying close attention to “legalism”. Please, research this place out before attending!


by A previous attender , 12/10/2011

Legalistic, "you must do this and this and this" church. Everything has to be approved by the pastor from the flower arrangements to the offering song. I used to be a Christian, until I started doubting my faith and the pastor wanted me to quit school, quit work, and just study the Bible to "regain" my faith - isn't that brainwashing? Oh, and he wanted me to not use the internet because it's "worldly". He also thinks women shouldn't wear dark clothes, and swimming shouldn't be coed.

Grace? Think again

by concernedchristian , 10/31/2009

Although this church touts to be "Beaverton Grace Bible", the "grace" word is lacking. This is more of a legalistic church where if you don't do things their way (which is the "only" way), you will have challenges. Beaverton Grace is famous for shunning former members/attendees without giving an explanation or following Biblical principles on disagreements. You will be fine in this church if you never question the elders or pastor. Their emphasis is heavy on evangelism to the extent that you get the feeling if you do not regularly evangelize "their way", you are not a true Christian. Be wary of churches that broadcast that they are one of the only few remaining churches that preach the Word. There are true Bible-believing churches who preach the Word, don't mince the hard teachings, yet also have a balance of truth and grace and humble leaders. Do not be deceived.

Beware! Negative Reviewer is currently under church discipline.

by Sketch , 11/18/2009

Beaverton Grace Bible is a Bible believing church;we really believe and do as the Bible teaches,inc. church discipline for members in serious sin,rejecting Biblical counsel.We believe in the Great Commission,and we act on it by sharing the gospel,although each individual must act as the Spirit leads,not under compulsion by man. Our LORD and savior issued that command.This person is confused about the meaning of legalism,a belief that one is saved by obeying God's law,something no human being can do.We are saved by grace,thru faith in Jesus.Salvation is an act of God alone. The right response of a grateful heart to God is to follow Jesus as Lord,seeking to obey all that He has commanded.Obedience isn't what saves. Our church, offers an extensive doctrinal statement,see webpage,and free sermons in audio/video format.We have been blessed raising 2 kids in this loving/faithful church. We praise God for faithful elders shepherding the local flock with much love/prayer/biblical guidance.

decide for yourself

by beenthere , 01/23/2012

If you really want to get a flavor of what this church is like, go to and listen to a few sermons.Choose your topic, listen, and decide for yourself.If you like what you hear, this church is for you.

Very Troubling

by Truth Seeker , 02/25/2012

Please read all of the reviews here. You will see a trend among former members asking the pastor tough questions and then getting shunned by the pastor/ church. After attending for 2 years, we discovered that the reason people left vs what the pastor told us were completely different. This is a dangerous place of spiritual abuse and excessive control. If you have a story to tell, I have set up a blog at or feel free to e-mail your story to

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