Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center

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2111 S Sheridan Blvd
Denver, CO 80227

Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center
Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center
Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center

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Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center
Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center
Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center
Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center
Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center
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Great Compassion

by Diana , 12/30/2014

Dr. Stevens and her staff are wonderful, so kind and compassionate. Our miniature Dachshund injured her back, the best recommendation was a very costly surgery but Dr. Stevens gave us an alternative of laser treatments that was very successful. Of all the veterinary clinics I’ve been too, this is by far the best.

Great Service

by Punky , 12/18/2014

I recieved great service, a lot of very helpful information. Punky had a great time with the staff, too. That's not bad considering she was getting SHOTS!!!!!!I would highly recommend their services.Jhane and Punky

Cost and care

by betty boop , 12/17/2014

while I love my pet immensely , and I agree the veterinarians are knowledgeable., the cost of care at this particular vets office is outrageous. I feel guilty to not pay for care they may recommend but have found there are other veterinarians out there that don't cost quite as much and are equal if not better. Sorry but I cant afford to pay for your new office building!

Bear Valley vet is one of the best.

by SRB , 12/22/2012

I decided to try this vet because she was so close to my house. What a find. I wouldn't go to another as I trust her with everything. Dr. Stevenson is very thorough, very knowledgable and very sweet. As is her whole staff. The inside is always clean and you can feel the personal touch that has gone into the business in every aspect. I highly recommend giving them a try. I doubt you'll want to go anywhere else.

Dog Friendly Veterinary Clinic

by lmartin , 09/12/2007

I did not know what to expect when I brought my new dog into Bear Valley Veterinary Clinic and was pleasently surprised by the service I received. The staff and vet were very friendly and knowledgeable when it came to the needs of my dog. The time I spent and the price I paid were well worth the time and money. I like that I could bring my dog in on Saturday since I have a very busy schedule during the week. I plan on bringing my dog back and would recommend this clinic to those that I know who have animals.

Not 2 locations

by mad mom , 04/06/2009

I went to the vet location only to find it closed, so i went to the other location and it was too expensive and the dr barely examined my pet before recommending unnecessary test, they seemed out to make a buck. the vet had a poor attitude when we opted not to do all the expensive extras. i paid for an exam but everything else was extra. the location is close and the exam room helper was great with my pet. if only they could get another dr perhaps and offer cheaper group services.

All for the $$$ not the pet

by goose , 04/17/2010

Took my 18 yr cat there over a year ago. Wanted to charge me 900+ for a MRI. They REFUSED to X-ray my pet for cancer or treat unless I paid for the MRI first. Well, took my cat to another vet and for 275 x-ray he did have cancer and a week later had him put down. This place is all about the money $$$$$, not the 4-legged child/pet in your life. I wouldn't even go there for health-care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cat owner

by Neuron2008 , 04/09/2010

Just came back from getting our cat's teeth cleaned. $131 for lab work, $408 for cleaning, $160 for x-rays, and a little more for "extra anesthesia!!!" Cash now please.I am outraged that these particular vets are charging such high prices! They aren't fresh out of school but please give me a break. My dentist has forty years experience and doesn't charge that kind of money!!!! I understand he has lots more clientele and the volumn allows for smaller, shared, burden. I hold myself accountable for not shopping around. All Cats Clinic has great reviews and quoted half of what Bear Valley Vet Clinic had the nerve to charge me.I may be breathing heavy but I'm relieved to know I don't have to go back there!

Great People! I have been taking all of my pets to Bear Valley Veterinary Clinic for many years.

by My cat is fat , 04/17/2010

They always take great care of my pets and spend a lot of time with me. I also know that they offer high quality care so I am sure my pets get better than a low cost clinic would be able to provide. Folks, you can't have it both ways, you get what you pay for. A place that charges 1/2 the price for a surgery, there is a reason why. They aren't going to tell you that they share instruments between animals to save costs or that they use cheaper but less safe anesthesia. Bear Valley always gives me a very detailed cost estimate before they do anything and explain how every part benefits my pet. I have been through cancer treatment with my cat, major surgeries for two of my dogs, and constant epilepsy treatment for another dog. I don't have tons of money to spend but if I'm going to spend the money, I'm going to be sure it's with a place I trust. By the way, the other vet office has been closed for over 2 years. If you took your pet to the vet more often, you would have known!

From Dr Stevenson

by Dr Stevenson , 06/18/2010

In response to the person who's 18 year old cat had cancer: I'm very sorry for your loss, you must have had a very close bond with your cat. You must have us confused with another veterinary hospital as we do not have an MRI, nor do we know what a specialty hospital would charge for an MRI. If our doctors or any other veterinary hospital talked with you about an MRI it would be sending you to a specialist to have the procedure, this would not make the hospital any money at all. I understand when you lose a loved one it is easy to try and find a place to transfer that hurt. There is a very broad range of styles that different hospitals choose to practice medicine, you can choose to offer the very best, or the cheapest, but not both. If veterinarians were out to make money they would have chosen a different profession. Again I'm so sorry about the loss of your cat as we do consider pets to be a part of our family, and we would recommend an MRI if it was the best.

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