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Bear Arms Guns & Accessories
Bear Arms Guns & Accessories


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Description: Bear Arms in Scottsdale, AZ, is proud to offer conceal and carry courses, gun safety courses and self-defense courses to our neighbors throughout the area.

A retailer of high-quality firearms, ammunition and accessories, we place a premium on delivering products and services that are focused on helping you to protect yourself and your loved ones. As a specialist in both new and used firearms, we always strive to provide you with a wide array of options to choose from. We will always give you the respect and attention you deserve when you are making your decision.

We offer a variety of courses to give you the peace of mind that comes with safety and security:

  • Conceal and carry
  • Tactical courses
  • Gun safety courses
  • Self defense courses
  • Womens self defense courses

    We carry a wide selection of firearms, including:

  • Winchester
  • Beretta
  • Remington
  • Browning
  • Glock

    New items carry full manufacturers' warranties, while used ones have a 30-day warranty in addition to any original warranty that's still valid. You can be confident in the firearm you select, and we stand behind what we sell. We also carry holsters, optics and other accessories.

    For all of your firearms and ammo needs, call Bear Arms today for more information.
  • Ownership: Locally Owned
    Brands: Beretta, Browning, Buschmaster, Colt, Glock, Kimber, Remington, Ruger, Savage, Sig Sauer, Springfield
    Languages Spoken: German Speaking
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    leo from Scottsdale - Bear Arms Review

    by Leo Berg , 12/26/2012

    Great gun store. Educated and knowledgeable employees. Helpful and friendly. Always have given me great advice on purchases. They have always advised me on what to buy, and just as important, what not to buy. Would recommend to anyone and have been doing so for years.

    Look no further...

    by StanOU812 , 10/06/2012

    Bear Arms has to be the best gun shop in the valley! They have everything you could imagine, and if they don't they will gladly order it for you. They also have some of the best selection of knives I've ever seen, stuff I've never even heard of... but awesome stuff and for a good price. As for the pitiful review by Gio, so you buy one of the finickiest guns on the market and you blame them because it doesn't work? Bear Arms does not make firearms, they are providing you a service (paperwork to legally obtain a firearm). Why does everyone think you can just swap out defective guns? It's a little more involved than buying a pair of pants...paperwork, ATF, etc. I know for a fact that they treat their customers right, I have seen the manager on duty (taller guy brown hair, I forget his name) do just that for a customer who had a problem with his gun. They sent it back to the manufacturer (who made the gun) at no cost to the customer, try getting that service elsewhere. Guns are machines and they aren't always perfect, much like the Toyota Gio mentioned. If you have a faulty starter in your Honda do you take it back and they give you a new car? Hell no they don't do that! They fix the source of the problem and send you on your way. There is always going to be the people that you just can't please... that the world owes them something because they bought a HiPoint expecting it to work like a Glock. To these people I say don't bother buying a gun, or keep your comments to yourself. My friends and I will continue to give them business because they treat us right and are good, down to earth, real people, not robots like these big box stores. As a matter of fact I'm planning on buying another knife from their very knowledgeable and friendly staff real soon. Keep up the good work Bear Arms and don't let these cry baby reviews bother you. -Stan

    BEWARE OF BEAR ARMS of Scottsdale

    by Gio , 09/20/2012

    This was not our first firearms purchase but it WILL BE OUR LAST WITH BEAR ARMS. We bought a GSG .22 1911at the Tucson Gun Show. We asked specifically if it was new and were assured it was. We went to fire it and it failed to fire. We called the store repeatedly and finally called ATI in NY and found this gun HAD BEEN REPAIRED ALREADY and they described it as a used gun. When we spoke with the manager who he rude and sullen and compared it to a Toyota that needed repairs.He offered to buy it back at half of what it would sell used. I think we are the second i line to get screwed by BEAR ARMS on this Gun. BUYER BEWARE.

    majors are special

    by chadaz34 , 04/22/2011

    if you were a private and actually did any fighting they would have gave u more but they know ur some poge sitting in the rear polishing your gun while everybody else is doing the heavy lifting... im a major.... im special.. i used to frag pussys like u.. have u ever even fired ur weapon in combat.. i doubt it..


    by FTA , 02/04/2010

    Go cry to Ossama :(

    Darn, you got treated like everyone else....

    by Chad95XJ , 09/28/2009

    Pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't the lion's share of the 5.56, .308, and 9MM going to the military already? Don't take it out on the gun shop that you want to take your toys with you and don't have enough ammo.


    by Dbag , 08/11/2009

    You know I understand why they did this , they did it to me.The were one of the few shops to have ammo in popular pistol calibers during the "panic" buying , by doing this they helped others have the ammo they needed for CCW training classes and recreational shooting.You are a dumbass.You pull out they "BUT I AM SPECIAL , I BOUGHT THIS , MY MILITARY BACKGROUND.....".STFU.Did they say NO ammo for you because you are a Major? Was this ammo you were taking for deployment? ANSWER IS ....NO to both.Get over your self.I have been shopping the valley for years and this is a place I tell people to go.I have had nothing but good dealings for over a decade here and so have the people I referred.Good luck with your chronic case of "stuck on yourself".

    Great policy

    by 45 rules , 08/07/2009

    For the military jerk who thinks he's "special". Get over yourself. It's a great policy meant to ensure that more people get the opportunity to shoot. And it deters the hoarders and the people who want to profit from today's conditions. Thumbs up to this establishment. I'm tired of hearing of people buying cases of ammo and 100,000 primers at a wack, just to hoard, or to dump it on an auction site.

    rationing ammo

    by Bill , 04/04/2009

    I would rather be told that you've sold out of ammo vs. being told I can only buy two boxes. I've purchased two Wilson Combat .45's, and other firearms at Bear Arms. I've spent over $8,000 at Bear Arms. I'm a Major in the U.S. Army and I'm going to be deployed in 6 weeks. I informed the Sales clerk about my background and wanted to buy some additional ammo. I was told "sorry, limit is two boxes." Thanks for your support Bear Arms, I'll take my business elsewhere.

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