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Full and Self Service Professional Grooming for Cats and Dogs

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Description: Self serve wash. Grooming all breeds & temperaments. 19 years experience. Cats & dogs. Holistic pet foods & supplements. Specialty toys. Skin and coat products.

Located at 15701 E Sprague, Ste E, in the Spokane Valley, we are a state of the art dog and cat grooming boutique, self-service pet wash, and pet food and specialty item retail store. You will find us in the Fred Meyer shopping center at the corner of Sprague and Sullivan, just east of the Fred Meyer gas station. We are open 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday. Please feel free to drop by and check us out or to schedule an appointment. Or, if you prefer, you may call us to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Our clean relaxed atmosphere is designed to make you and your pet feel right at home. We are furnished with all the newest equipment for the groomer's, as well as the public's use, which will keep your pet safe and comfortable.

We utilize two unique types of hydro-massage bathing systems. One system applies the shampoo with the water while the other is a recirculating bather. These bathing systems enable the shampoo & conditioner to easily penetrate through the hair and down to the skin to flush away dirt, debris, loose hair, dead skin and/or dander for the healthiest skin possible. Your pet will love the invigorating massage like sensation from either system.

We use only the highest quality shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products. We have several specialty shampoos available such as Oatmeal, Hypo-Allergenic, Medicated and Whitening Shampoos. The selection of shampoo will be tailored to your pet's particular needs. You may also bring in your pet's prescribed or medicated shampoos and request it be used when necessary.

We like to admit all of our guests early in the day and discharge either on an as needed basis, or at a pre-arranged time, whichever is better for your schedule and your pet's stress level.

Most pets seeing us for a full groom stay a minimum of 1+ hours, and maximum of 5 hours depending on size, condition of coat, behavior, and complexity of pattern and cut. A 1/2 day or full day stay can be arranged to fit into your schedule at no extra cost.

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Bark R' Boutique - The Cat's Meow (509) 340-2410 - 15701 E Sprague Ave
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Response to Gretchen

by Bark'R Boutique , 10/09/2014

It was unfortunate your cat had a poor experience at the Bark'R Boutique; in the previous 4 nail trim appointments you have had over the last 2 years you seemed to have no problems. It was too bad you did not inform the staff member of the age and delicate nature of your pet's back/hips when they took her to the back for her nail trim, had they known that moving her back end around in a normal manner may be painful they could of gone about it differently perhaps. The terrible "manhandling" you describe is a normal "scruff" hold (like the mother carries her kitten) for a cat that has bitten one employee and had a claw stuck in the face of another that had to be literally unhooked from her skin. Did it escalate? Yes. But once a cat has gotten worked up you need to deal with the situation that is when I, the owner, took over and made the situation safe for staff and pet. By the time you pushed your way to the back and stopped the nail trim your pet was sitting on a table and was not in quite the distress you describe, when you requested we stop I did, and handed her over with no problems. The nail trim we then did on your next cat obviously went off without a hitch. I know that there was no abuse or untoward actions by my staff, the truth of the matter is, working with a cat can and will go poorly sometimes and unfortunately that is what happened. We bathe and groom upwards of 600 cats a year, laws of averages will apply. Regardless, we are sorry you had a bad experience and hope you find someone to trim your cat's nails that fits your needs better. Margaret Ferrell, Owner of Bark'R Boutique

If you love your pet, do NOT take them here.

by Gretchen , 09/27/2014

There was a LOUD scream from the back room. We thought, that's not OUR cat? She's had her tail stepped on, and it didn't sound so blood curdling.Sure enough, that was our 6 pound, senior cat... BEING MANHANDLED AS IF SHE WAS A 100 POUND DOG! Her little ears were back, teeth barred. and panting terribly!!!! All for a little nail trim!.IDIOTS! I thought it was just a bad employee, but it turns out THE OWNER WAS THERE !! Maybe even the actual purr-petrator? Incredible!!!!!Our cat was sooo scared, she panted all the way home and for about another 10 minutes more after being coming home. I have never written a review of any company before. This is a first. I am so angry, and I don't want anyone else's pet to suffer there either.If you have a dog, I have had extremely good luck with Debbie's Dog Grooming (near Winco off Sprague) 924-3467. They understand that there is more to an animal than a fur coat.Tell ALL of your animal loving your friends.Gretchen

20 Sep 13 - Bark’r Boutique and Dislocated Right Hip of my 13 year old Border Collie Mix.No names.

by Steve , 10/22/2013

I got a call at 1430 informing me only that my dog was ready for pickup. Upon arriving the business owner explained that my dog had hurt himself after pulling back during a nail trim and fell to the grooming table while standing on the table. My dog was holding his right rear leg up and unable to put any weight on it. The business owner stated she had attempted to massage the soft tissue, however, my dog was still unable to put any weight on his right rear leg. My dog isn’t able to talk. I stated I’d now have to take my dog to the Vet. The business owner replied to send her the Vet bill. My dog walked in to Bark’r Boutique under his own power several hours earlier. I had to carry my dog from Bark’r Boutique to my vehicle because he was maimed. My dog has been taking Rimadyl over the last number of years for an arthritic hip. My dog otherwise had no medical condition involving his right rear leg or hip upon entering Bark ‘r Boutique. I was at my local Veterinarian within 10 minutes of picking my dog up. My Veterinarian concluded through examination and radiology that his right rear hip was dislocated. The right hip joint is clearly out of the socket. My dog was in extreme discomfort and completely unable to walk Friday. It was obvious to anyone at that time he presented on Friday to the Veterinarian that we had to do something. We scheduled my dog for surgery at the earliest opportunity on Monday, 23 Sep 13. I noted some improvement Saturday in his overall mobility. Sunday however is when I detected that he had regained probably 70% functional mobility, despite his dislocated right hip. I videotaped him walking around the back yard on Sunday. I showed this videotape to my Veterinarian the following day, Monday, 23 Sep 13. I did not wish to proceed with the surgery because he had made such remarkable progress over the preceding two days. I wanted a second opinion on how best to proceed. We set up a surgical consult for Tuesday, 24 Sep 13 with a board certified Veterinary Surgical Specialist (VSS) in Spokane. The surgeon concluded, given my dog’s age, it was best to leave him as is with his dislocated hip and not proceed with surgeryI built a ramp from my kitchen down two steps to the patio which my dog had difficulty negotiating. I sent a demand, certified/return receipt, for reimbursement on 30 Sep 13 to Bark’r Boutique in the amount of $417.66 for Veterinary bills. Bark’r Boutique received it on 2 Oct 13. I received full payment on 3 Oct 13. I have no doubt that my 70 pound dog was dropped onto the floor while being lifted onto or off of the grooming table and or he was allowed to fall off the grooming table onto the floor. There was no restraint system. I strongly suspect amateur and untrained groomers played a key role in this incident, probably so undisciplined that I question their suitability for fast food employment, let alone working with live animals. The nature of this significant impact injury allows one to make common sense assumptions about how it occurred, far more, than if the injury was, for example, a mere muscle strain. It causes one to look hard at Bark’r Boutique’s explanation about what happened. There’s a cause and effect association to a dislocated hip and being dropped onto the floor, less so with falling onto the grooming table while standing on the table. On picking up my dog, there were about five employees at the receptionist desk, all within six feet distance from where I was, who were able to overhear the owner’s above explanation about what happened. No one at the time knew the injury was a dislocated hip.I’ve been unable to reconcile my dog’s injuries with Bark‘r_Boutique‘s explanation about what occurred. The court of public opinion and the reasonable person test. My dog has regained 85% of his former mobility which I’m grateful for, however, he still has a dislocated right hip sustained while in the care of Bark_Boutique.

The whle story sometime not told

by realistic pet owner , 07/16/2013

As an employee of BRB and someone who has been in the vet biz since 1996, I sometimes am stunned by the ignorance that leads to anger. First off, dogs move !! Its a challenge at all times. Secondly, it is NOT life or death if a quick is gotten on a dog... and 9 times out of 10 when a quick is nicked, it is because the owner has neglected the nails and the quicks are extended and we have been asked to get them as short as possible. This isn't to say its okay to get a quick but I worked for Vets for 11 years and saw them get more quicks then the staff at BRB combined!! NEXT; if a dog gets razor burn or "knicks" it is usually because the hair is sooo matted we have to go way down to the skin to remove the mats ...AGAIN.. owner neglect. Again I am not saying this is the case for all incidents BUT I am saying its funny that none of these people seem to get or admit that chances are its I their own fault. ESP the owner of Dayliegh, I know for fact your dog was soooo matted that it was almost inhumane to groom the dog... Sad but true.. to blame the groomer is wrong, sometimes you have only yourself to blame. Irresponsible pet ownership should not dictate the creditability of a business.

Just picked up Buddy and had a great experiance, AGAIN!!

by buddymama , 07/12/2013

I have been going to Margaret at the Barkr Boutique for almost 2 years now and am never anything but thrilled. Buddy is not an easy dog to work with, in fact I have been fired from a number of groomers because he is such a little turd. but Margaret is able to work with him and get the job done. we have had several short haircuts because he gets so matted so easy, but whenever she can leave length without hurting him she does. I know how hard he is to handle, so if it is going to be easier on him to cut off the ratty hair I know I have only myself to blame for not brushing him... :) I would recommend Margaret and her shop to anyone!!

Bad Bad Experience for my pet

by Irrate customer , 05/09/2013

Horrible experience! I used to take my dog only to Margret however the last time I picked her up she had nicks on her body and the one leg was shaved too close causing burns. When I went in to pick up my dog Margret was in the back screaming profanities using the "f" word to her employees to get busy. This was horrible for the employees (held their heads down) and a bad experience for my dog. I want her to have a calming experience and this was ridiculous. I will never take my dog back or recommend to anyone!

Great Day

by Fuzz Dog 3 , 05/30/2012

Had all 3 of my babies in there today after 2 friends recommended the shop. Had a great experience, dogs came back clean and happy, got them back in a very reasonable amount of time and everyone there seemed very out going and friendly. I will recommend Margaret and her shop to anyone who wants a good groom at a good price!


by Leslie , 07/24/2011

@ all or nothingYou seem mad. Why?

Disgruntled employee

by sweetboy , 07/13/2011

Looks are decieving??... the words she spewed scream disgruntled employee... My pets have used this place since they opened. have not had a problem. would recommend to anyone. Cheaper then PetSmart with out all the upsale like I not even a person. nice place. be nice to them and they'll be nice to you. Be stuckup, and rude.. and you might hve problems


by Kate , 07/06/2011

I have tried her for the last time! Yes it smells nice an looks good inside, but don't let them fool you!! Both times I took my shih tzu an had problems. Phone calls not answered, nails bleeding both times and cuts on my baby's feet, with minor blood. They never told me anything, even though I can guarentee you my dog yelped. I do NOT like my dog harmed or blood on my tan carpet inside my car. It very well seems that quanity rather than quality is the issue... Money is'nt everything people!

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