B & B Beauty Supply

12415 E Mississippi Ave, Unit 103
Aurora, CO 80012

39.69681 -104.844925

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Beautiful stock

by Cayla , 08/22/2016

Absolutely lovely little shop! Their wig selection is incredible. The lady there was very sweet and directed me to the lacefront wigs. I couldn't decide which one I wanted, they were all so beautiful! After I finally picked out a wig, the same lady helped me find some other supplies. My only regret is not trying the wig on before I bought it. Despite being a stunning wig, it didn't work with my face. The shop doesn't do exchanges or refunds, sadly. I really don't mind though! I also purchased the cutest lipstick and it smells like berries! Yum! The experience was lovely, I have a way to sell the wig, and I will definitely come back and get one that will work well with my face, and stock up on that lipstick!

Terrible place to shop

by Juneau McNair , 03/20/2014

This place is a rip off. I bought a hair dryer there, but when I got the hair dryer home, I learned that it would not work for what I need the hair dryer for. I did not open it and returned it a couple of days later. They told me that they would not give me my money back. I left the hair dryer there and told them I would take the issue up with my credit card service. The lady at the store was very rude and hard to understand.I did notice on the sales ticket that they do not exchange or refund, but you don't know that until you have already made a purchase. They keep changing their policies and they don't tell anybody. So as it stands, my credit card company has filed a dispute with them and they are fighting that dispute, but they still have the hair dryer I paid for. I seriously urge people not to shop there. They are not nice people and they don't have any respect for their customers.

I just love this store, i come from miles around to shop here! It's the best ever!

by dyanebradley@ymail.com , 10/23/2013

I've never ever had a problem at this store I know them by name and they treat me with much respect. They always adress ,e as yes ma'am. I'll not shop anywhere else


by MAD MOM , 08/05/2013


Happy Customer

by EBONY , 04/27/2013

The few times I've come in they have been nice to me an I belong to the ebony crowd.

Hit but mostly miss

by Hannah , 03/01/2013

I shop here weekly and on average spend close to $1000 a month(I'm a stylist) I bought a bottle of glue for $50 and when I got home it leaked in the bag and was unusable. I brought it to them a few days later to show them and they wouldn't refund me or give me a new product. I bought one of their belly button rings and while cleaning it the gem broke off, totally unused. The saga nude hair is the only thing I will purchase from them from now on. They offer me a 10% is I pay in cash. I rather pay the extra 10% in hopes they pay taxes. Their customer service is nonexistent to the minority. I'm white and I notice how unkind they are to the ebony crowd that passes through their doors. I wish I had another store to shop from (also one that's was closer to Douglas county). The area is a little scary too. I left my mom and two kids in the car while I ran in quick. I locked the doors before leaving them and my mom called me freaking out because some guy tried to open my car while it was running. The windows are darkly tinted so car theft is my prediction. Yikes!!! Once I find a supply house in a better location with high end hair I will never return to this business.


by It's Natural , 11/14/2012

Please note, you do not have to shop there. The staff is rude, they understand english when it's necessary for them. Please report them to the BBB and STOP spending your money with them. That's the only thing they understand is money. So when their cash flow is short, they'll start making adjustments to accommodate us. Make it hurt them, stop spending money with them. Go to the Warehouse, they don't have enough people but they aren't condescending, snide and rude.Check out Wagmans online for human hair.

Awful Customer Service

by Janiesbrain , 08/18/2012

I am ashamed to admit that I have spent at least one thousand dollars here over the years. The two ladies that work there are very cranky and rude. They do not truly care about their customers who are mostly African American, but not all of us are . They take an extraordinary amount of time in the back while knowing there are customers ready to purchase items that they keep out of reach. I do not like these people at all. They barely say thank you,and smirk at the customers who are purchasing hair and make comments when they leave. I say ladies go natural or plan ahead and order online. No one deserves to be treated this way. If you call to ask if they have a product they say that they do even if they do not and refuse to give prices over the phone! The one man that works there is relatively nice and helpful . If it were not for him, I would probably NEVER go there. We are in AMERICA 2012? I will not patronize this store in the future.

Substandard Customer Service

by SophieZach , 07/31/2012

Listen, I don't normally write negative comments or reviews about a company...but I feel I must write a comment about B & B Beauty Supply located at Mississippi and Peoria in Aurora, Co. I find their customer service to be terrible...in fact I find them to be rude and down right unprofessional. They appear as if they couldn't less if they get our ( Black customers) business or not...which I find very troubling since about 90 % or more of their sales come from African American--women in particular. Therefore, they treat us poorly and we keep returning. I believe If we were to boycott their shop for two weeks (no Black customers to spend a dime) they would have to consider closing their store. I am not suggesting a boycott..I am just saying we no longer will accept to be treated like second class citizens. I no longer shop B & B and probably will never shop there again. In fact, I currently order my hair on line from blackhairspray.com. I have occasionally shopped at the Beauty Supply Warehouse located off of 6th Avenue in Aurora. They are often short on help but their customer service seems to be fine.

Don't BUY HERE!!!!!!!

by AMERICAN , 04/11/2012

Bought an item NEW, upon opening it, it was defective completely, broken&ripped. When I asked them to replace it 30 min later with an identical product, they refused. After 15 min of debating, she offered to give me the DISPLAY PRODUCT INSTEAD!!!! I paid for a new product, received a defective product, was offered an OLD PRODUCT as a replacement and I walked away with NOTHING! They have my product, my money, and my receipt. AND, REFUSED TO PROVIDE ME WITH OWNER CONTACT INFO. VERY UN-AMERICAN. I FEEL ROBBED.

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