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by Anon. , 10/16/2014

I was a client at ABHS on Cozza for 6 weeks, and I have remained sober since leaving (9 months). It is no longer DOC and Craig is gone, but otherwise, the complaints here still stand true. The black mold was alarming. I have severely weakened lungs from scarring caused by an infection. Irritants like perfumes & lotions trigger coughing and wheezing. I was constantly compromised by the circulated air and cigarette smoke that drifted in, as were counselors with asthma. The circulated air was not clean. Also, clients were required to mop & vacuum daily. These items were kept in a tiny broom closet. The mops never received a chance to dry. Several wet mops sat in a tiny, closed closet all day, every day. Clients constantly failed to empty mop buckets, which sat in the closet filled with water & chemical solution. The sink leaked, adding more moisture. Mold & chemicals were so potent that when the door was opened or left propped (which happened several times daily), the entire hallway & rooms became saturated by a wet, fruity, mildewed, chemicalized, potent stench that compromised my breathing. I submitted written request/complaint forms, which require a written response. None was ever given. I was frightened by the air quality, but I was a scared, overwhelmed client with no self esteem, so I told myself how grateful I was to be there and that I had no right to complain. Staff withheld my inhaler for most of the time I was there before it was finally approved, but it was kept locked up and staff ignored most requests for med cart. They denied me access to my inspirometer (a clear plastic device you blow into to strengthen your lungs), which my doctors had pounded into my head was vital in order to maximize healing-- for which there was a limited window of opportunity. They impressed upon me how critical it was to use it 10 times per hour, every waking hour. I had a written prescription for it. The nurse finally okay'd its use 2x/day during the very last leg of my stay, but it was kept locked, and since it confused staff, they almost universally ignored it. My time in ABHS was a critical window of opportunity for my lungs to heal, and the exposure to mold/chemicals/mildew plus denial of my inhaler & inspirometer makes me angry. Also-- despite repeated requests, I was not given a pass to see my doctor until my 6th week (despite being allowed to shadow other clients on their passes far earlier than that). He'd written an order for blood work after 1 week to see if my infection was clear. If not, then I would die without antibiotics (that was the severity of it upon entering ABHS-- a life/death matter). The reason given for not being allowed to go to my doctor was that in order for ABHS to remain open and receive funding, I was legally required to attend so many groups/lectures per week, and missing any was not an option (although I was granted a pass for counseling and shadowed others frequently). I went to bed nightly wondering if it was the last place I'd be alive in. That sucked. I needed inpatient. I was homeless, immuno-compromised, it was winter, and I wasn't ready to leave without using. I now realize I had options; but at the time the only discussion given was that I could not miss lectures or ABHS could not stay open. It took courage to voice anything in the first place, and I was made to feel ungrateful for, and inconsiderate of, the generosity that ABHS showed by granting me a bed.

Please read if you plan on working at this facility

by Freddy K , 06/02/2014

This facility is in need of serious repair! After working for a few days I opted to leave my position on the care team. I was highly concerned with the black mold problem, on top of the poor care the clients got or didn't get. From the moment I was hired, I was able to witness more of a cult attitude towards care then actual rehabilitation. Clients are treated when the staff wants to get around to it. Training new staff members is non existent during your scheduled shift time, so you make up for this lack of leadership during your off time. Over time is strictly prohibited, if you are one minute over you will lose your job. If your married or have kids and want to place them on there insurance, understand that it will cost you over $1100 per month. You will only make $10.66 an hour and because it's a so called union job, you have to pay union dues which cuts your pay down to $9.37. This facility also is very understaffed, so if your new expect to work 12 to 14 hour days to pick up slack for the so called veterans whom have been working there for years. After working all night I was then told I had to escort clients to court which is only another 4 hours. I was paid for this time, however, when reviewing my time card management ( if you can call them that) docked my time by 40 minutes. They did this to adhere to their standard of no overtime. This, cupeled with the poor conditions of the building led me to rethink my positions. I can not stress this enough, black mold is everywhere inside this facility. The carpet is littered with stains of god knows what, the rooms smell of fiches and union and trash lingers throughout the building as the norm. If you want to help and make a difference in the life's of any addict you will not do so here. Instead you will be ridiculed for wanting to help and dressing professionally.If you get suckered into working nights, you will be the only one working. The rest of the night staff locks them selfs in rooms with no cameras and sleeps. Because this is a private owned facility and your treating clients not patents, anyone can distribute medication including narcotics. This seems like a GIANT red flag to me. If they offer a certificate I'm sure it dose not transfer outside of there facility. So the training they provide is useless in a real world setting. And that's if they train you at all. I'm sure I must have counted at least 200 safety violations as well. These safety violations range from exposed wiring, to windows being screwed and bolted shut. Not to mention the extreme mold problem. I cannot believe the spokane health department has not stepped in and shut down this facility!The pros I saw in all this was a handful of people who wanted to succeed at beating their addiction. However, this facility dose not follow up with clients or provide them with jobs insuring repeat business throughout the year. RecapBad payEven worse benefitsPoor communicationManagement who only wants to look goodNasty environment for clientsThey charge you if you want to eat a mealA very poor work environment No overtimeLack of leadershipAbove all else THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CLIENTS!!!


by native goddess , 08/08/2011

yeah that place kick me out for "fratinization with a female" totally discriminating especially when im not even gay!!!

omg ur still opened?

by gotcha , 06/11/2011

wow i cant believe this place is still open. Craig phillips mr sober rider.......try running a business and stay off your harley. clean up your cozza facility so the mold will stop affecting clients. and lose your contract with doc so a better more reliable REAL treatment center can have it......this place is a joke......the state of wa needs to go on a undercover mission to see what really takes place here. Craig go back to strictly running your "motorcycle" club and stop hiring your biker buds to run a treatment center.......the state of wa needs to be ashamed by giving you 1 red cent for any client to come to your dirty, nasty, stinky, hole in the roof times 20 leaky facility.......and guess what.....tell your staff to clean up.....the inspectors know this is what happens....and hide the trouble files.........ur a joke and u will have ot answer to someone one day.....


by Concerned , 06/06/2011

The people that give you your meds do not have a license to pass meds there has been problems you might get overdosed or someone elses med they log in the meds into legal paperwork there self too the people you recieve meds from are ex users or have a extensive record.Someone recently been taking meds for a month which didnt even belong to her,They were a males medication this place is a joke.

facility has health concerns

by aranga , 05/12/2011

i just got released from the 28 day program at abhs in Spokane. Decent treatment, good food, but what got me was the air quality. After a good rain, the roof leaks, in at least 10 of the rooms. My room was one. The roof has serious drainage problems and while they do there best to pump water off the roof there is always (at least in this time of year) standing water left behind. I aquired a strange lung infection and believe it is do to a moldy building. There is an unordinary amount of sick, coughing "clients" there. I am suprised the place has not been shut down for this. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Craig can suck my shlong

by Darkmisery , 04/20/2011

The owner of the business Craig, is a douche bag. New management comes in every three months, because they quit or get fired. They threaten the staff constantly, and if you speak up about not getting your promised raise they put you outside or on call. No one cares about the job let alone the clients. The staff that say they do care are ex addicts, and there are a lot of them. These ex addicts are constantly falling off the wagon, bringing in drugs to the clients, having sex with clients, or just screwing up in general. Beware any positive feedback was left by Craig, the short pricked dweeb.P.S. I hope you lose your DOC contract.

better than county jail

by crackedbutnotbroken , 04/19/2011

The best food I have had in an institution. Thick comfy beds, being able to smoke, vending machines, staff that knows you by name, real world life skills....just a little better than sitting in county or the pen. Quit ur bitching!

better than county jail

by crackedbutnotbroken , 04/19/2011

The best food I have had in an institution. Thick comfy beds, being able to smoke, vending machines, staff that knows you by name, real world life skills....just a little better than sitting in county or the pen. Quit ur bitching!

Uneducated Staff and Dishonest Administration

by cathale , 01/27/2011

Think long and hard before attending this "treatment" program. Our recent experience with Spokane ABHS was a nightmare. Medical issues were ignored. Many cases of food poisoning occurred. Building leaks water with black mold. Overcrowding. No acknowledgement of human rights. Rooms searched without client present and false accusations of findings took place - leading to detrimental consequences. Staff had little to no education. Director is unprofessional & does not abide by WAC. Clients are treated as if in prison. Owner has DOC contract and it's all about money NOTHING is about recovery. This center needs to be investigated. If you know someone in this facility please check on their well-being daily. Don't believe what staff tells you. DOC needs to reconsider this contract. Say "NO" to human warehousing giving treatment a bad name. I can't believe this is happening in the 21st century. People ARE NOT dollar signs.

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