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Action Animal Trappers

Noises in your attic?

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Reviews of Action Animal Trappers

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1 They are the worst kind of rat by Swindled - 11/07/2011

A huge waste of money and time. After paying $1700 to have my home rodent proofed and for a 1 year contract/guarantee, I still have rats in my attic. The service consisted of crudely covering vents with metal grating, filling holes with spray foam, setting traps in the attic, and checking the traps within the same week. During the contract period I had them come out almost every month or two. Every time a tech came out they would find a hole that the last tech missed. Towards the end of my contract, after much frustration, the owner came out. He too pointed out holes that should have been obvious to the techs in all that time, yet instead of offering to make good on the contract or extend it, he tried to up sell me all new soffits and facia. They are crooks and con artists. In hindsight, I should have just done it myself. I feel so swindled.

1 Inaction by dissatisified - 05/09/2009

The reps started off as very reassuring, but within a week no reps came to clear traps. Phone calls were not returned in a timely fashion, or not at all. We were told that the reps were unable to come by on pre-arranged visits because they were "in a meeting". The brick work they removed has not been returned, and when called to report rat activity, the customer was told that they were "not going to discuss this because it was too late at night." The promised return visit was never made. Traps are still here, as well as piles of bricks. This company could not handle a very small rat problem, and because of their laxity, it became a very big rat problem.