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A Tax Pros
A Tax Pros
A Tax Pros
A Tax Pros
A Tax Pros
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Offer In Compromise

by Realtor Man , 09/27/2008

The IRS was sending me letters saying that I owed more than $45,000. I wasn't able to sleep for several months. I finally called JD's Tax & Financial and made an appointment to see them. Just arriving at my appointment I felt great relief. By the time my appointment was finished I felt very much at ease with the professionalism and knowledge that the staff had. I got a call 10 days later and was told that my returns were complete and that they had prepared them correctly this time as the IRS had figured them out before and I wasn't getting any deductions. That is why I owed so much money. When all was said and done I only owed the IRS $2,125 and my bill with JD's tax was less than that. I am going to use JD's Tax to file on-time for me from now on.

A pleasant experience all around

by Relieved , 07/27/2012

We had our 2011 taxes prepared by Gerry Andrews back in March. Everything went smooth and our return was much more than we had anticipated. Gerry did a great job with the return and my wife and I enjoyed chatting with him, a pleasant experience all around. In April, we went on the IRS website and saw our return was ready for deposit on April 7. However, the next day it said it was again being reviewed. Of course we were concerned and called Gerry. Gerry said he reviewed his work and the return was indeed correct. Obviously, we began to worry as the weeks began to pass by. But each time we called, Gerry was always there to reassure us that everything was fine and we just had to wait for the IRS. He knows his job really well and explained the steps to take if the return wasn’t in by the end of June. We would like to thank Gerry and JD’s Tax not just for doing our return, but for being there for us during the long wait for the IRS to review our return.

great for me!

by benfromdc , 10/08/2012

I've been using JD's for several years and they have been spectacular. I've gotten great results, very high refunds. I am an owner of a personal business and rental properties and they have been great for me!!!

A total ripoff!

by Melissa T , 12/31/2012

I have paid these guys $200/month to do my bookkeeping since 2009 and have been fairly happy. Now, without notice, I just received an email stating that they really should be charging me $350/month beginning immediately! I understand a price increase, but this an outrageous amount. I think they thought I would just pay it because they have now put in a bind and I need to find a new bookkeeper. They also tried to force me into having them do my taxes last year even though I told them the $900+ was too much and that I was going to go elsewhere. They called and said that they had my taxes done and to come sign even though I had sent email and left a voicemail that I would not have them do my taxes. The accountant that we ended up going to for taxes charged us less than $500.00 and told us that she has a lot of JD's former clients!A total rip off!

Response from Business - 2013-01-02 01:17:51
The notice we sent to you last month said that your fee should be increased to $350/mo. It was at that time that you stated you had found someone that was willing to do them for $150/mo. In reality your books reflect a fee of $350-$500/mo, we wanted to be fair with you as you have been a long time client. Your business has grown substantially since our last fee agreement of $200/mo. which was almost three years ago.You do have approximately 300 transactions per month and it takes approximately three hours just to record all the transactions properly. All the accounts must then be reconciled each month. The financials must then be reviewed to ensure accuracy. I welcomed you to go to the person who was willing to do them for $150/mo. and spoke with you specifically a couple weeks ago about what was involved in your books. You stated that you were going to go to this other person. As far as the tax return goes - we did do the returns for the entity and for personal. This is what we had done in the past and we never had any disagreements about this. When you were told about your taxes being done, it was then that you stated you were going elsewhere. We said that was fine and we removed those charges from your account.

This is True!

by jekita2012 , 10/01/2012

I’ve been doing my own taxes for years only occasionally utilizing the help of professionals. When doing last year’s taxes, I estimated my W2s based on the final paystub for the year. I filed my returns and received my refund. The trouble occurred when I receive my W2s….the numbers were off due to income received while working out of the country. I searched throughout my records to find any deductions which I haven’t used. I didn’t find any. I knew that in previous years I had not used all deductions available but to correct that and carry over to the next year and the next would require the help of a pro. It was then I enlisted the help of Jimmy Epley. From the beginning, his communications were professional and swift. He understood the problem I had and scheduled an appointment giving me all the information he would require from my records.The appointment went very well. We worked together to find solutions and in the end, after the fees, I will still collect more money from the IRS. Jimmy was competent, professional, extremely knowledgeable and his command of the tools of his trade are excellent.


by SNM Consulting , 11/21/2012

I have been using JD for YEARS...I have referred A LOT of friends...TIP TOP!!I have sent so many friends with IRS problems ..BAD IRS problems...JD is straight forward...fairly priced and very polite!!! I will continue to refer people ...however EVERYONE I KNOW goes to him now....whoever wrote the bad review on him...IS BULL....not only that but there has been no Jazz club in Vegas for 15 years....just saying!! JD would not handle a situation like thiat and he GETS all his money up front.... so whoever wrote that is a FOOL!

Steady Guidance & tax advise

by Ron L , 12/06/2012

I've used JDs for my tax returns the past 5 years because of the recommendation of a co-worker and have always been very happy with their work. I was lucky to have gotten to use them because I then JDs set up both of my business start ups, the filings and accounting since. Things were always done right the first time and they made my job easier because I had the time to focus on making money.

Richard F. Uriarte

by Hohodaddy , 08/08/2009

Great Tax guy,Got my money back for three years back taxes.Girls work too hard there for me.Need help every year,California is going broke and blaming anyone who has money to take.This is the best guy yet.


by Interior Signs ETC , 09/30/2012

Tax Payer BE WARE of JD Tax Financial SolutionJD is a ripoff, he will charge you a very HIGH price for little work. I hired JD to go to an audit with me for my 2006 taxs when I owned a Jazz Club in Las Vegas "Caylix Jazz Club" however he wasn't the cpa who did the taxs for me, but the cpa who did the Taxs could not attend so she prepared all of the documents for the Audit, so JD was just sitting in. He went to the Audit 1 time, and spoke to the IRS on the phone 2 or 3 times and he charged me almost $3000.When the market fell in 2008 I still had a balance with this Jerk, I explained to him that I was getting ready to close my business because I was going to file Bk, my business could not stay open because of the rent being $16,900 per month.I told him that I understand he couldn't continue to work on the audit if I had a balance but I still would need my documents that I paided the other CPA $2000 to do. He kept all of my documents, I had nothing to go to the audit with because he said he wouldn't give them back to me.I called server times and he would not get on the phone, I even called this man recently and he still would not release my tax paperwork.This man is driven by money, do not give him your documents unless you have plenty of copies, I repeat "DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN YOUR ONLY SET OF DOCUMENTS" he will blackmail you to get them back.The IRS, my Attorney, and the Compliant Board in Reno said he could not hold my documents because of a balance but he is... I recorded him saying I would have to pay him $500 for them back and I will be filing a lawsuit aganist him real soon. If you are a victim of this man please contact me and join me in the lawsuit, you may email me at reginainteriorsigns@gmail.comBEWARE

Response from Business - 2012-10-01 08:32:49
I am unsure who this is. We have never represented a company called "Caylix Jazz Club". However it is illegal to keep copies of a taxpayers documents if they are needed to prepare a tax return. If your original returns were prepared by someone other than this CPA you mention then this law would not apply as it only applies to the preparation of a tax return. If the person that represented you had an agreement with you then you should be able to handle this situation out of court. I would recommend getting in touch with this person and workout how to pay your balance due with them, especially if they have documents that you need for an IRS audit. I'm sure they would return them to you if you paid your balance due with them. Good luck with your audit. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

The Worst

by Simple Sally , 07/21/2012

I went to JD's and he charged me to fill out a form that came with a letter from the IRS. Then he charged me hundreds of dollars to prepre my return which wasn't that complicated but my spouse has IRS issues. We went to someone else who amended what JD had done and got us hundreds of $ more in a refund. JD missed 1000s of dollars in deductions. The guy overcharges people, his receptionist is rude over the phone and in person and his waiting room is like a dentist's office. I would never refer him or ever go there again and the average age of his staff is about 70. What a crook.

Response from Business - 2012-07-23 14:26:11
I am unsure who this is, but I would like to rectify this upset with you. Our fees start at $99 for a simple tax return, and our fees are based on the forms used in the actual return. These fees are posted in public view and they should match what you paid. These fees also should have been discussed with you and agreed upon before completing the return. I would like to discuss the disappointment you had with our receptionist also. As far as deductions are concerned, we have a very thorough questionaire that we go over with everyone. If this questionaire indicated a deduction then we would have taken the deduction for you, however if there was a deduction that may not be allowed then we would not take that deduction. This is one thing that sets us apart from the other preparers, is that you will have peace of mind knowing your return was done the right way. I am very willing to look over this deduction you state we missed and clear up whatever misunderstanding we have on this. We do not have any staff that are 70 years old, although we do have well over 100 years of experience in the IRS field, and working with the IRS can age you to appear 70 for sure. I feel your main disappointment is with the fee structure. I am very willing to discuss this with you at your earliest convenience. Please call 702.639.9130 or e-mail me directly at epleyjim@jdstax.com

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