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24 Hour Lockouts Omaha

Omaha Locksmiths as low as $19.95 with a 15 minute response time.

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Reviews of 24 Hour Lockouts Omaha

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5 Great service with a smile! by Brian J. Petersen - 12/19/2014

I was taking out the trash last night at my store and the door closed behind me locking me out. Luckily I had my phone and found 24 hour lockouts Omaha and called. They sent the locksmith immediately to let me back into my store. Great service with a smile!

5 you save my day. by Terry M. Domingo - 12/17/2014

Most of the time i always lock my bedroom before i go to school, one day i forgot the key inside my room, and my mother was very angry on what happen, She called the 24 hour lockouts they arrive super fast and the job well done. thank you 24 hour lock outs you save my day.

5 i was very amaze.. by Andrew Thompson - 12/12/2014

We play basketball every weekend since i am thier MVP their counting on me, when i was at the locker room i notice the key of locker wasn't in my bag, my house was far from the gym so my one of my team mate called the 24 hour lockouts they opened my locker before the game has begun so i was very amaze..

5 Thanks again for being awesome! Omaha by Karen W. Baker - 11/26/2014

I locked my keys in the trunk of my BMW. I was told by the dealership and 20 other locksmiths that there was nothing I could except order another key which could take a week to come in. 24 Hour lockouts assured me they could handle the problem. The locksmith showed up and had my keys out of the trunk in about 30 minutes. I won't tell his secret but I will tell you he is amazing! Thanks again for being awesome! Omaha

5 $35 to not have another stroke by Katherine A. Swenson - 11/21/2014

With all the technology out these days you”d think we could come up with a way to not lock ourselves out of things. Like our medicine safe. I really needed my blood pressure meds but they were safely locked away from me. I considered throwing the lock box off my roof but relented and called 24 hour lockouts. It was worth the $35 to not have another stroke. Thanks for being a life saver

5 By far the most qualified in Omaha. by Lea R. Wimer - 11/19/2014

We had just purchased our Porsche cayenne and it only came with one key, and of course we locked it in the dang car. 3 locksmiths came….and 3 locksmiths failed. 24 hour lockouts showed up and literally opened my new baby in 5 seconds. By far the most qualified in Omaha.

5 Thanks for the superb service!! I’m sure I will be calling you guys again! by Norma R. Seaman - 11/11/2014

I was washing my car this morning and realized I locked my keys along with my phone and wallet in my truck today. Had to walk to the gas station and called 24 hour lockouts Omaha They said 15-30 minutes and the locksmith would be there. Now I have done this before and it took the guy an hour and 45 minutes to get there. So naturally I thought the worst but just as advertised he was there in 15 minutes almost on the dot and was a super nice guy! Thanks for the superb service!! I'm sure I will be calling you guys again!

5 Quick and affordable by Ruby R. Lee - 11/06/2014

I drive a handicapped bus. And I lock myself out of handicapped buses. This can be a problem as you might imagine. So luckily I did this before I had actually picked anyone up. 24 hour lockouts came highly recommended so I gave them a shot. And my aim was dead on. Quick and affordable.

5 Quick fast service for the Omaha by Robert M. Rothermel - 11/04/2014

Earlier today I got home and my garage door opener wasn't working! I looked on my phone and found 24 hour lockouts. They arrived quickly and my door open in no time. Quick fast service for the Omaha.

5 Very fast and very efficient by Jennifer J. Forbes - 10/30/2014

I have 3 keys to my Mercedes. And for some reason none of them work the door locks. My battery was dead so the fob wasn't unlocking anything. 24 hour lockouts showed up and helped me get my hood open so we could jump the car and get some power to it. Everyone else told me good luck “ those European cars are impossible” and I quote. Very fast and very efficient. Omaha best locksmith company.